5 Surprising Benefits Of Electric Fireplaces

Adding a fireplace to one of your home’s rooms can bring an appreciable sense of warmth and coziness. However, if the room where you want a fireplace lacks a chimney, you could be quick to assume that getting a fireplace would be out of the question for you.

Not so fast! An electric fireplace can serve as an attractive alternative to a more traditional fireplace — not least as, by going down the electric route, you can tap into all of the practical benefits detailed as follows…

Ease of installation 

Here is one definition of the UK-based consumer watchdog organization Which? has provided for electric fireplaces: “In essence, they are electric heaters designed with the look of a stove or fireplace.” 

This helps to explain why these fireplaces are so easy to install. As Good homes explain: “Electric fires and stoves only require mains connection to function, so all that’s needed is access to a plug point.” 

A range of styles to choose from

Good homes do concede: “Electric fire installation can be as simple or as elaborate as desired.” This is because electric fireplaces are manufactured in various designs, with implications for how these fireplaces can be set up.

For example, freestanding fires can be easily moved from room to room — and, like wall-mounted electric fires, be placed flat against a wall. 

Meanwhile, if the room is limited in space but does have a recess where a traditional fireplace would go, you could use that opening for an inset electric fire instead.


Electric fires tend to be seen as greener than gas and wood-burning stoves. An electric fire will not release fumes either inside the building or into the wider atmosphere and can be powered with electricity from renewable sources.

You can add even more to the green credentials of your electric fire by buying electricity for it from an eco-conscious energy provider.

Another green option would be for you to order an LED electric fireplace — since, as TheGreenAge reports, LED bulbs need only 10% of the electricity used by an incandescent bulb.

Remote control can also be provided 

This is at least the case with many modern electric fires. Hence, if you know you would hugely appreciate being able to control the fireplace’s flames and other features via a remote handset, you ought to be selective about exactly which electric fireplace model you buy.

If you struggle with your mobility, being able to control many of your fireplace’s functions from your sofa can be a godsend on chilly days.

A pleasing visual effect 

An electric fireplace or stove can provide you with mesmerizing visuals that replicate the soothing feel of a more conventional fireside setup.

Naturally, it will be flames that you see — and, especially excitingly, you can leave that imagery intact on your electric fireplace without using it to generate heat as well.

Final words

This option can come into its own during the summer when you want an electric fireplace to provide ambiance but not heat you don’t particularly need at that time of year.

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