3 Reasons Why Your Backyard Could Use New Stairs

Without anything to break off the greenery of your garden, it could easily look flat and plain. Flowers and colored pots can only do so much. You’d need a more large-scale and elaborate solution.

This is where landscape stairs come in. They are a refreshing element to introduce to your backyard and make it look so much better. They don’t take much to install—you can even DIY them if you want!

Reasons to add backyard stairs

Here are three reasons why you should add backyard stairs.

Space maximization

One of the main things that backyard stairs can offer is space maximization. A backyard can already give you ample space as is. But imagine how much more you can have when you elevate some parts of your backyard.

Backyard stairs make your space more functional and help define the purpose of different areas. You can have a garden on one level and a patio on the other. Or maybe you can have a full-on terrace above an underground parking space. The possibilities are endless!

Landscape stairs make use of vertical space which often goes neglected when designing a backyard. It could also add height to your backyard and make it seem bigger than it actually is.

Visual appeal

Another charm of landscape stairs is their visual appeal. Backyards with stairs often seem more luxurious and put-together. It gives off the impression that you took your time in planning your backyard’s design (which you should, by the way).

Backyard stairs are versatile enough for any backyard. They can be made from a lot of different materials to fit different yard aesthetics. They can be independent units leading to your garden’s focal point. But they can also connect terraced retaining walls with each other and make your garden look all the more cohesive.

Landscape stairs give your garden character and depth. It’s one of the most practical ways to liven up your space and make it more dynamic. And with strategically-placed backyard stairs, you can turn your garden from basic to enchanting with just a couple of steps.


Another reason for adding backyard stairs is accessibility. As mentioned above, these stairs can connect terraced retaining walls with each other. They give you and your guests a proper walkway as you tread through your garden.

If you have children or elders over at your home, landscape stairs make your space accessible for them. They also provide a smoother transition from your patio or deck to your swimming pool.

Don’t let your guests’ trip over a sloping yard when you can have beautiful landscape stairs instead.

Things to consider before building landscape stairs

Before building landscape stairs, here are some important things to consider.

Utility lines

When building landscape stairs, you’d have to dig up a part of your yard to set a stable foundation. Depending on your needs and purposes, landscape stairs may need you to dig deep into the ground.

Check for utility lines that might get affected by your project. Consider which area in your yard has the least amount of wires or pipes that could be affected. But still, make sure that the placement of your backyard stairs is functional and convenient.

You might have to contact local authorities and ask for a go signal before you can start building backyard stairs. Ask for professional advice from a contractor on where to best place your stairs.


Another thing to consider before building landscape stairs is whether you’d need a handrail or not.

This mainly depends on the height of your stairs. You wouldn’t need a handrail if your backyard stairs are only a couple of small steps. For taller stairs and stairs with larger gaps, though, having a handrail would make it more accessible.

You should also consider if you’d need a handrail on one or both sides of your stairs. If your stairs are near the fence, you might only need one handrail. But if you’re going for center landscape stairs, you’d have to place handrails on both sides for more security.


It’s also important to consider who will use your backyard stairs. Will there be elders or children using them? If you have all sorts of guests coming to your garden, how should you design your stairs so that it’s also wheelchair-accessible?

The frequency of usage also matters. Will you often go up and down your stairs? Is your backyard designed mainly for summer or is it still accessible in other seasons?

If it rains a lot in your area, make sure that your stairs don’t get slippery. It would be best to build landscape stairs that can withstand different weather conditions.

Backyard renovations

Landscape stairs are only one of the backyard renovations even after taking down an above the ground pool you can make for your backyard this summer. They’re aesthetically pleasing and practical investments for any home. You can always DIY backyard stairs. But if you want to make sure that they’re sturdy and properly installed, get in touch with professionals.

To recap, here are the reasons why you should add landscape stairs to your backyard:

  • They allow you to maximize your yard space and make it more functional.
  • They can make your yard look more appealing and luxurious.
  • They make a sloping yard much more accessible for different people.

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