The Top Gardening Trends For Summer 2022 And How To Achieve Them

The pandemic saw many reverting to a slower, calmer lifestyle. And with this, more people started to make use of their outdoor spaces, which led to a boom in those wanting to update their garden to become a safe haven to spend much-needed time out in nature.

According to recent data, the pandemic caused the majority of the British population to take up gardening again, with garden-related spending rising 77% from April to June 2021 compared to the previous quarter. Equalling around 3 million more people who got green fingers during the pandemic and decided to spruce up their gardens.

When it comes to exterior decor, much like interiors, gardening trends come and go. However, the overarching trend going into summer in 2022 is that good outdoor living does not have to cost the earth both in terms of budget and the environment’ says Society of Garden Designers Vice-Chair Andrew Duff MSGD. This includes a design that takes inspiration from the natural world, embracing the seasons and the elements of nature.

4 key gardening trends for 2022      

As the garden season draws closer and the first signs of summer are blooming, we have enlisted the help of Tiger Plant, to analyze the latest gardening trends and understand how to achieve them within your own home. And discuss what type of hire construction equipment will be needed for each project.

Environmentally-conscious design

The biggest trend we will see throughout all elements of design and homeware this year is environmentally conscious design. This means incorporating sustainability in every step of the design, from construction to the manufacturing of the products used. Plastic garden furniture will be a thing of the past in 2022, with more sustainable options being favored. 

To add an environmentally friendly design to your garden, consider the types of flowers and plants you choose for your space, look to plant those that are native to your region and those that will promote a happy ecosystem.

No more lawned gardens

Standard lawned gardens will soon be a thing of the past, with homeowners opting for a more naturalistic style of outdoor space. This means incorporating multiple more natural features such as layered planted decking, large planting, and garden edging. 

To add features such as layered decking or large-scale planting beds, you will need to reconstruct the layout of your garden.

To do this equipment such as a Micro Excavator will need to be used. These are the smallest diggers on the market and are useful for accessing difficult-to-reach work sites. They are compact and can fit through a standard-sized doorway. These are particularly appropriate for small home jobs, like laying a patio or landscaping a garden.

Indoor meets the outdoors

With homes getting smaller, create a larger living space by incorporating your outdoor area. Blur the boundaries of indoor and outdoor spaces by carefully selecting furniture that will maximize your space. 

Simple ways to do this could be; incorporating plants into both your outdoor and indoor spaces to bring nature inside and create more of a flow between the two spaces. Use similar flooring that extends from indoors to the exterior to help draw the eye to the outside.

If you are looking for more of a project, consider losing your exterior wall and adding Bi-folding doors, a popular choice for creating a seamless link between the indoors and outdoors. For a project like this, you will need to consider hiring a Mini or Midi Excavator.

A Mini Excavators are compact enough and useful for garden works or small plot work but they will not fit through a standard doorway. Whereas a Midi Excavator is a five-tone machine that has a cab for the operator. They are designed for larger groundworks or building works due to the increased size and power. However, they also have a limited swing meaning they can often turn 360 degrees, with less than a 3-meter radius, so they are great for heavy work in a small space.

Indulgent hot tubs

Hot Tubs have been a staple of garden renovation projects for a while now, however, during the pandemic searches for hot tubs increased significantly. Searches for hot tubs saw a 71% increase from June 2019 to June 2020. With more people looking to treat themselves and practice self-care, hot tubs are a perfect way to do so and so their popularity rose.

Top tips for undertaking your summer construction project

Seasonal changes affect the way we work within construction, on construction sites, in particular, long days outside become a little more bearable for the summer lovers – but they also carry a few caveats.

Watch out for machinery overheating in the summer months

Warmer temperatures mean your equipment will get hotter, and quicker. Keep a closer eye on your equipment’s temperature gauges than usual and be sure to halt use if it’s getting too warm. Working on smaller loads at a time is another good way of preventing excessive heating, especially on hot days.

Stay hydrated

This is the most important tip. Keeping yourself and the rest of your team hydrated will not only ensure peak performance but also prevent dehydration – a fate worse than plant machinery overheating.

Maximize natural light

An advantage of summertime construction work is the increased sunlight – while it can be a slog to work through it, it also means it’s easier to get work done without turning to floodlights or other large-scale lighting solutions. Beginning your mornings on site a few hours earlier than in the winter months.

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