5 Signs Your Pool Needs A Remodel

You might have been thinking of a pool remodel/renovation for a while but aren’t sure whether it’s the right time to take the plunge.

The truth is, your pool is more than a place that just holds water. It’s where a lot of fun, entertainment, and relaxation happen. Whether you’re spending time swimming with friends or just cooling off under the summer sun, you want to have the best experience. But whether or not you should renovate your pool comes down to certain existing parameters.

Signs your pool needs a remodel

Here are signs your pool needs a remodel.

Components are old or outdated

Old electrical and mechanical components do not only hamper the way your pool functions but can also threaten the safety of swimmers. Of course, your kids may also like to enjoy the cool, clear waters, and you want to have peace of mind when they do.

Typically, new pools must now be VGB compliant to avoid drain suction entrapment. This can be addressed during a renovation alongside other potential hazards that may be present.

It just doesn’t appeal to you anymore

Indeed, no one really enjoys a space that’s not aesthetically appealing. An eye-catching pool can be therapeutic, just like an elegant interior design. So if you are under-using this valuable part of your home because it doesn’t appeal to you anymore, consider a facelift.

A remodel can give your “urgh” pool that wow factor that calls out to you under the midday summer sun. Change the look, perhaps, add a fountain or fire feature for glamor.

Multiple repairs works needed

Are there cracks to fix? What about the old filters, damaged tiles, and broken pool lights? If there are many things you need to fix at once, why not just put in a few extra bucks to make everything look and function brand new again? So instead of a repair, consider calling a pool renovation company to revamp that area or the entire space. Instead of just patching the broken tiles, you’ll have a complete replacement with a different design for a fresh new look.

You plan to resell your property

It makes sense to renovate your pool if you plan to resell the property. Most buyers would be happy to find a pool in their new home and would be ready to pay more if they find that they wouldn’t have to pay for any repair or remodel when they move in. So this is a great way to increase the resale value of your property.

And if the pool looks like one from the 1970s, it needs a major facelift to join us in this century if you hope to attract buyers.

Size has become a constraint

One reason to renovate your pool is if your family size has significantly increased or you need more land space in your outdoors. For the former, you would have to enlarge the pool area. For the latter, the remodel would downsize it to increase living space. A smaller pool is also easier to maintain.

Wrapping up

Now you know the top tell-tale signs that your pool needs a remodel, what are your next steps? Does your pool fall into any of the above categories? Then consider taking the plunge and speak with a renovation company near you.

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