Top 5 Uses For Your Old Garden Outbuildings

Outbuildings aren’t just for storing things anymore. Many people have turned them into studios, workshops, or simply a place to get away from the hustle and bustles of life. People are now using old garden outbuildings to escape the noise and stress of living in the city. These once redundant buildings are becoming more flexible spaces that can be used for different purposes.

However, before converting your old garden outbuildings, you need to ensure you have a solid structure to work with. Fix any leaks or holes in your roof or walls and give yourself a blank canvas to work with. 

Depending on what you are planning to do with your outbuilding, you may need to seek planning permission before moving forwards. Speak to your local authority about planning applications and determine whether you need to have this for your project. Once your planning permission has been granted, why not start on the exterior of your building. Hardwood cladding suppliers will give you some great ideas on how to cover your outbuilding to keep it insulated, not to mention make it look incredible. 

How can you turn your garden outbuilding into a functional space?

If you have a garden outbuilding but aren’t sure what to do with it, we have given you five ideas to transform your current disused space into a room everyone in the house will want to spend time in. 

Turn your outbuilding into a home gym 

Gym memberships are so expensive, so why pay for an external gym when you can build one in your home? Outbuildings are great for home gyms as they are generally larger than most sheds and can be adapted to suit you best. Add the correct flooring, insulate your walls, employ an electrician and plumber to bring water and electricity into your building and start shopping for your favourite gym equipment. 

A trip to the cinema, anyone?

There is nothing more exciting than being able to walk into your garden and your very own home cinema. Insulate your walls for a great sound, carpet your floor and get some comfy sofas. Don’t forget your popcorn and drinks machine! This outbuilding example is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners in the UK who need some downtime, love a film but don’t want to waste money on a trip out. 

Separate your work and build a home office 

Many of us are working from home and are trying to separate work from private life at the end of the day. Converting your outbuilding into a functional office will help you get into a healthy routine, and more importantly, you will be able to leave your work in the office at the end of the day and take a trip up your garden to your home. 

Grow your food in your new potting shed 

If you are keen to start growing your food, you will need a space to bring on your plants so they have the best start. Your outbuilding could be the perfect location for this. Warm and dry, your plants will have a great beginning if you convert your building into a potting shed. 

Convert your outbuilding into a guest room

We never seem to have enough room in our home to fit all our guests inside. Creating a guest room will probably be a welcome addition if you struggle with this problem. Your outbuilding can serve as a guest room with the proper lighting, plumbing and atmosphere, plus you will have somewhere to offer your guests! 

Add your personality and make your outbuilding unique

Don’t forget that your new outbuilding room should reflect your personality and what you need it for. Get creative with colours and cosy touches to bring your room to life, and soon you won’t want to leave! We hope you have fun in your new space, and hopefully, this blog has given you some great ideas to get started this summer.

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