Types Of Properties You Can Buy Online

As the real estate industry is becoming more and more digital, there are increasing numbers of online property portals around. With these websites rising out of the blue (or maybe black), it can be unclear for most people to choose which one they should go with.

Thanks to online property portals, it’s becoming easier for people to make their first investment purchase. Most of the time, they can even do it without having an agent involved in the process – if they want.

Types of properties to buy online

If you want to take advantage of the urban development in the country and invest in a residential property, learn about the different types of properties.


The first step into the property market will be buying a unit or townhouse for most people. Investors often seek these tiny homes because of their affordability and proximity to amenities.

Many portals offer townhouses on sale in various locations across Australia. These properties can range from apartments to villas, from new constructions to older homes.

In some cases, you can also purchase a townhouse still under construction and has a future completion date. This provides the opportunity for buyers to customize a lot of things in their dream home before they move in – think about choosing your kitchen benchtops or taps! 

House and land packages

Finding a house and land package can be a challenge if you are not well-equipped with the know-how of the real estate market. Yes, your regular realtor can show you houses for sale, but when it comes to finding a land in a beautiful location suitable for building a customized home, it can be not easy to find without an agent’s help.

But, if you want to take the building process into your own hands and save thousands of dollars in commission fees, buying a house and land package may be the right choice for you.

House and land packages are available on many websites that offer properties for sale. However, look out for websites that are more specific to this type of product – you don’t want to buy a house and land package only to find out later that the block of land is not exactly what you wanted!


Like townhouses, buying an apartment is also a significant first step into the property market. Apartments are available in many different price ranges and represent good value for money.

Choosing between hundreds of apartments for sale on portals with thousands of listings can be overwhelming. To make it easier for you, look out for properties with high ratings and plenty of reviews. Also, consider how far the apartment is from amenities like shops and transport.

Apartment packages

Like house and land packages, buying an apartment package can save you time and money because you don’t have to pay agent’s fees or wait for the right property to be listed on your desired real estate portal. These packages often include an apartment and building plans to help you build your dream home.

Final words

It will also help you decide which portal is best suited for your needs, whether it is proximity to shops or schools or living in an area with the highest level of urban development. Many websites offer apartments for sale, so make sure you zoom in on the location and amenities before deciding.

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