How Nobul Is Streamlining The Home Buying Process

The home buying process can feel daunting. After all, the average home in Ontario is approaching a million dollars, and you’ll need over two decades to pay it off. It should come as little surprise that this dollar figure and long-term commitment make people nervous.

Thankfully, digital innovator Regan McGee built Nobul – a real estate technology app and digital marketplace that streamlines the homebuying process and saves consumers money.

Let’s take a closer look to appreciate how it works.

The right agent quickly

Historically, it wasn’t easy to match with the right type of real estate agent quickly. Maybe it was simple for buyers who needed top agents to close high-end deals, but that’s not what every homebuyer needs.

Nobul makes it easy for homebuyers to compare agents’ profiles and see whose services, experience levels, and prices they like best. Nobul doesn’t accept cash from agents to get ranked or listed, and only buyers and sellers can leave reviews.

Such a transparent process makes the data trustworthy and reliable. Nobul also incentivizes agents to offer cash back because there’s so much competition to represent buyers. Anyone struggling to find the right agent needs to know how technology has disrupted this industry!

It used to be that people needed a family friend or relative who worked as a realtor. Now, Nobul lets anybody get personalized offers flooding their inbox and choose which they like best. You can compare the profiles and chat with agents to get the right representation without wasting time.


Even the most ardent real estate fanatic can’t possibly manually analyze as many transactions as Nobul’s algorithm can digitally process. After analyzing millions of real estate transactions, Nobul’s algorithm can work like a lodestar, helping you navigate your local market by understanding pricing variances.

Sometimes sellers put a bid that’s way too low deliberately to encourage a bidding war. As housing costs change quickly, buyers need a resource to help them understand what a fair price is. How can anybody know what “fair” means when properties in cities like Windsor cost twice what they did at the start of the pandemic?

Homebuyers will have to reach very deep into their bank account to afford a home, and they need all the tools at their disposal to guide their choices. A mistake here has large consequences. You could be stuck paying for years.

Constant support

Homebuyers have many questions to ask. They also have blind spots, meaning they don’t know what they don’t know. Between these two needs, homebuyers need the benefit of experienced real estate professionals who have their back.

Realtors and those who work in the industry have seen all the mistakes first-time homebuyers make dozens of times, and they can prevent you from making them, too. Nobul always has real people who can speak to you and give you support.

The platform will never relay you to an agent and disappear! Nobul’s live advisors are always there to guide you, so you never feel like you’re going it alone.

Buying a home can be nerve-wracking at times, which may slow you down if you let it get the best of you. Knowing there are experienced experts you can draw on at any time will empower you during your real estate journey.

Powerful, centralized information

The real estate market has a lot of moving pieces, so it’s easier to track when they’re all in one central repository. Homebuyers can use Nobul to see the prices of local real estate, and what’s newly available on the market, and share listings with friends and realtors.

Everything you could want to do while buying a home can be done from within the app. Plus, Nobul doesn’t share your personal information with anybody, so your privacy remains intact.

In real estate, agents are desperate to get the emails or phone numbers of buyers. Nobul will never give or sell your information to anybody. All the correspondence between buyers and agents happens within the app, so it’s easy to keep in touch, and user privacy is never an issue.

You’ll love having technology that can prevent bottlenecks from occurring before they delay the home buying process! Smoothing out and preventing such hiccups is one crucial way that Nobul streamlines real estate buying.

Final words

You can’t ignore technology that makes home buying quicker and more affordable, so look into Nobul today.

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