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The UAE, and in particular the emirate of Dubai, is not in vain considered a “tax haven”, which more and more foreigners are striving to get into. And although they will have to pay a number of taxes and fees when buying property in the city, compared to many other destinations popular with foreign investors, the total spending does not seem to be that significant.

So in this article, we are going to dwell upon the taxes and expenses which accompany the purchase of a property in the emirate as well as the cost of real estate in Dubai the UAE, specifically in the Creek Harbour as it is one of the popular districts of the city.

Taxes and costs when buying real estate in Dubai

The main expense item that everyone who wants to buy a house or apartment cannot avoid is the registration fee, the amount of which is set at 4% of the value of the property specified in the sale and purchase agreement (in the emirate of Abu Dhabi it is 2%).

Sometimes the buyer and seller share this amount equally between two, and in the case of new housing, the developer takes on half. Payment is made at the time of closing the transaction at the DLD, and at the same time, an administration fee of approximately USD 150 must be paid.

The registration fee is also paid, the amount of which is determined by the value of the property. If it does not exceed USD 137,000, then you will need to pay about USD 545, and in the case of more expensive real estate – twice as much.

The legislation requires the presence of a licensed realtor at the signing of the contract, who before that prepares all the necessary documents. The buyer will need to provide a copy of a foreign passport or another identity document, an application for debiting funds from a bank account, and a two-sided copy of a payment card linked to it.

The seller is obliged to draw up a contract of sale, which indicates the full information about the housing and the rights of the owner. When buying a new building, the seller pays for agency services, and in the case of secondary real estate, the amount is divided equally between both parties.

The last payment is a fee for a certificate of ownership, which is documentary evidence of the legality of owning real estate. The fee is approximately USD 70 and is payable upon application to the local court, which will issue a completed certificate in three business days.

Additional costs arise when buying with a mortgage loan or in the case of commercial real estate.

  • You will have to pay a fee of 1% of the loan amount to apply for a mortgage, and this will change the registration fee, which will be about USD 80 plus 0.25% of the loan amount.
  • If a commercial property is purchased, then it is subject to federal tax (essentially VAT), from which buyers of residential real estate are exempt.

Property maintenance costs

After buying a home, all costs for its maintenance and service are borne by the new owner, regardless of when he starts using it and the purposes. The sum of all costs is largely determined by three main characteristics: the area and cost of the property, as well as its location.

Unlike many destinations, the emirate does not have a mandatory annual housing tax, which in Europe can range from several hundred to several thousand US dollars. The owners pay only an annual fee for the maintenance of the building and the territory adjacent to it with one or another infrastructure and utility bills (foreigners, unlike UAE citizens, pay in full).

The annual fee is calculated based on the rate per square meter of the area of ​​the dwelling, which varies between USD 15-60. On average, this contribution is about 1.5-2% of the cost of housing, although in some areas of the city it tends to decrease.

However, it is not paid in installments, but in full and in advance usually taking up a year in advance, and this amount is debited from the bank account automatically. If the owner rents out the property, then this item of expenditure also falls on his shoulders, which should be added a municipal fee of 5% of the rental price.

The funds are directed to two funds – general and reserve.

  1. The first is spent on cleaning the building and common areas – such as a gym, children’s and playgrounds, recreation areas or a swimming pool if available, designing green spaces, and maintaining appliances in working condition.
  2. The money from the second is intended for major repairs and replacements of equipment that will need to be made in the long term.

After signing the sales contract, the new owner enters into contracts for the supply of electricity and water (the use of gas is very rare here) with the local company DEWA. Instead of heating, which is not necessary even in the coldest season, a centralized air conditioning system is used – that is, there is no need to install an individual air conditioner. The cost of air conditioning depends on the number of floors in the building and the air temperature, but usually, it ranges from USD 40 to 120 per month.

Calculation of payment for electricity and water is made on the basis of meter readings, and tariffs are determined by the area of ​​housing, the number of people living in it, and the time of use. One will have to pay at least USD 50 per month, but one should usually expect 2-3 times more, which is quite comparable to many European countries. Tenants are also billed by DEWA for 5% of the rental price, which must be paid every month in addition to the bill for actual consumption.

If you happen to be a resident of a European country, then a payment for telecommunications services – the Internet and television, is going to come as a big surprise, because of fees which start at USD 100 per month. Housing insurance is going to cost an even more impressive amount (about USD 200 per month), but thankfully it is not mandatory.

Dubai Creek Harbor guide

Dubai Creek Harbor is an exciting joint venture between Dubai Holding and Emaar Properties, leveraging their core strengths to develop a financially viable and environmentally responsible community in which to live, work and play.

Warm golden sand, a square full of unique experiences, and Vida Boutique Hotel. These are just some of the discoveries that are going to win your heart at Surf, a magical place where family life feels like a never-ending vacation.

Convenient transport network: 3 bridges connecting Creek Island and 4 metro stations, so you can easily get around. Residents and visitors will also appreciate the new interchange on Ras Al Khor Road, which directly connects the district to the city.

General description

The neighborhood is an exemplary achievement in human ambition. This community, located close to the Ras Al Khor Nature Reserve, is an exquisite waterfront project created by top developers. Overlooking the historic bay, the district offers a self-sufficient community with plenty of lodging options to choose from. It is located by the Laguna and is home to shops, homes, offices, and more.


Dubai Creek Harbor is a major waterfront project that is a mixed-use community with residential, retail, commercial, and entertainment facilities spread across 550 hectares. It is divided into different districts like Sanctuary District, Island District, Trade District, and City Core District. The Harbor itself is a sustainable and responsible building that is the perfect place to look for a new home.

The community consists of a waterfront, a marina with a yacht club, and greenery around. Its main attraction is the tower, which is going to become an iconic part of the city’s skyline.


The neighborhood offers a unique residential community that is ideal, away from the noise of the downtown, but in a vibrant and self-sustaining space. You are able to choose from carefully crafted apartments, townhouses, and villas, both for sale and rent. Exquisite penthouses await you with the most beautiful views of the bay and Burj Khalifa, as well as the new yet-to-be-build tower.


It is located in the Lagoons, near the Ras Al Khor nature reserve, and is easily accessible from the center of the city. This Riviera is well connected to the rest of the vibrant city.

  • 5 min – Ras Al Khor Nature Reserve
  • 10 minutes – International Airport
  • 15 min – Burj Khalifa | Downtown
  • 35 min – Expo Site
  • 40 min – Al Maktoum Airport


Part of this new development is the tower, set to be the tallest in the world at 928 meters. It will house a hotel and 10 observation decks, including The Pinnacle Room, which is going to offer a 360-degree panoramic view. The design was inspired by the lily flower, an oval-shaped bud at the top of the tower, which has some of the highest observation decks in the world.

The developers have also announced plans to build Dubai Square, a technology-focused shopping center next to the Tower. Its area is 2.6 million square meters. It will be a shopping, hotel, and residential area inspired by cities around the world, and will also house its own version of Chinatown.

Dubai Creek Tower

The tower, is going to be one of the tallest observation decks with panoramic views and Dubai’s iconic skyline. It was designed by Santiago Calatrava, a famous Spanish neo-futurist architect. Combining lilies and traditional Arabic minarets, this iconic structure sits at the center of the area.

Dubai Square

Residents of the district can enjoy premium retail therapy at the square. It is 750,000 sq m retail space, which is about the size of 100 football fields. Located near the tower, the square is inspired by the best shopping like Oxford Street in London, Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, and the like. Here are shopping streets, boulevards, entertainment venues, restaurants, and gourmet cafes. It offers luxurious entertainment avenues and is just minutes from the community residential area.

Cherished amenities on the Riviera

Properties in the neighborhood offer the ultimate Riviera lifestyle. It also provides amenities including swimming pools, saunas, gyms, and a fitness center. Not only that, residents can access the Marina Yacht Club and the vibrant waterfront at the harbor. It is also home to many water-themed events.

The community also has access to the beach. The community has parks, green paths, running tracks, an area with recreation zones, a garden, as well as a kindergarten and supermarkets.


Residents have easy access to the best eating places in the community and the downtown is very close, you can easily get to the city’s best restaurants and fine dining.

Schools and hospitals

The nearest schools and kindergartens are located in the area, minutes from the district. The community is also close to hospitals and pharmacies.

The neighborhood is the perfect place to live with the best water views and the best amenities.

Economic attractiveness of the area

The neighborhood is opening a new commercial hub in the city, offering retail, cultural and residential spaces. This famous waterfront, located 10 minutes from downtown, will change the future of life in the city. Upon completion, this new project is expected to reach an area of ​​6 sq. km, which is twice as much as in the center of the city.

Real estate agency in Dubai

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