The 3 Essentials To Stage Your House For Viewings

Selling your house takes a lot of work and doing things right. It’s not as easy as simply calling a real estate agent and getting it listed. If you are lucky enough to live in an area where the market is so hot that a house can sell within days then that is the exception.

What usually has to happen is that there are multiple viewings and open houses that occur so people can come by. When they see the house they are able to ask the agent a lot of questions. Then at some point, you should have an offer. This is why staging for open houses is so important.

Essentials to stage your house

In this article, we will go over the essentials to stage your house so it can sell fast.

Deep clean

A general tidy-up is not nearly enough of a clean to give your house to get it ready for staging. You need to do a deep clean to have it look brand new. If there are areas that are not totally clean, then a prospective buyer may have doubts about the general upkeep and wonder if there are problems that they don’t see.

You need to make sure that there are no stains on the carpet or furniture upholstery. You should have the inside and outside of the oven totally cleaned and polished. Any surfaces in the kitchen that could be greasy need to be degreased. Finally, windows need to be washed and clear and let plenty of light inside.

Your best bet is to hire a cleaner like Woodard cleaning that can give you a professional cleaning that you would never be able to accomplish yourself. Whatever you pay them will come back to you in a quick sale and with an offer that is more than you would get if the house was messy.


Curb appeal has lately become something of a cliché but that shouldn’t take away from its importance. That’s because first impressions matter and they always will. When visitors drive up to your house it should make an impression for the right reasons and not because it is underwhelming.

Hire a landscaper to come and mow and edge the lawn so it looks tidy and crisp. Make sure the hedges are nice and clean. If you don’t have any plants in front of the house then this is a good time to think about adding some perennials that will accentuate the house.


People love living in bright houses with lots of natural light. If your open house is done during the day, which they usually are, then you want to make sure that you have all the windows clean so lots of light pours in.

Final words

There may be some dark areas of the home that are not reached by the sunlight, or the weather is overcast that day. Make sure to add some lighting to those dark corners to brighten things up so it doesn’t look dark in the house.

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