Moving Day: 10 Things Movers Wish You Knew

In life, there are many things that we provide as a courtesy for other people. Proper etiquette and courtesy are something that should be followed and respected. However, there are times that you would wish more people knew about the proper etiquette to make things easier for both parties. It’s the same for movers and people who want to relocate.

Things movers wish you knew before moving

Here are 10 things movers wish you knew for an efficient and productive moving day.

Let them do their job

When you have movers over packing and loading your stuff, the work they do can seem so difficult that you might want to help them, ask questions, or tell them to do things in another way. However, there will always be a point that it becomes too much, and you’re hindering instead of helping.

Of course, you may think the way you want things done is the right way, but movers have professional training and will try to do things in the best and most efficient ways possible. For sure, they have done more moves than you and have moved furniture, fragile items, and appliances as part of their job, and they’re pretty good at it.

By letting them do their job, you can save yourself from stress and headaches, as well as allowing them to do their job in the way they’re most comfortable with for better efficiency.

Make sure your items are packed before moving day

If it’s a full-service move, then there’s no problem if the movers pack your stuff for you. However, when it’s not a full service, make sure to finish packing the day before you move. It’s to make sure that the movers will have all the house to work with, and they don’t have to think about anything else other than packing and moving your stuff safely.

Also, since you’re paying by the hour, the longer you take packing while they’re already there, the more you are going to pay, so make sure to finish packing early.

Take your cash, jewelry, and prescription medications

Cash, jewelry, prescription medications, and other similar items don’t need to go in the boxes, as they are too valuable to lose. To ensure you won’t have problems such as the items being misplaced or damaged, it’s better to take these items with you. They aren’t that big and won’t take up much space, anyway. It ensures your items are safe and lessens the chances of you having a problem with the movers.

Label the boxes with the right destination

Putting a label on the boxes with the right destination will allow the movers to take the boxes to the correct rooms once you arrive at your new location. Furthermore, by doing this, you can avoid having to tell the movers about where to put each box as they take them from the truck, saving you both on time and stress.

Tell movers about fragile items

To ensure your fragile items are transported safely, label the boxes properly so the movers will handle them with more care. Other than labeling the boxes, telling them about them yourself definitely won’t hurt, too.

Provide movers with easy access

You can make it easier for the movers by telling them where it’s more convenient to park, how they can access your place more efficiently, and about other limitations. It’s to make sure that they can work as easily as possible and prevent problems, especially parking tickets when you don’t tell them where to park.

Don’t put heavy items in big boxes

Even if they fit in a large box, it will be hard to carry the boxes. With heavy items, it’s better to put them in separate containers for the movers to carry them more easily. Furthermore, it also reduces the risk of the boxes breaking due to the weight of the items, which can ultimately damage your valuables.

Empty your desks, closet, and drawers

If you don’t want your things in desks, the closet, and drawers to get damaged or misplaced, make sure to empty them before you have them taken onto the truck. It just makes carrying these things more difficult for movers and poses a danger of the content inside going out and hitting the movers.

Be there for the movers

While the movers will want you to stay out of their way and let them do their job, you still need to be there for them to provide guidance. They can work on their own, but be there when they need you. Stay at home and make yourself accessible in case they have questions or need assistance.

Know how much to tip

Generally, a tip is 10-15% of the total cost of the move, but that still depends on the difficulty of the job, such as if they had to go through tight staircases, how much they worked, and how you like the job they did. You can also provide them with food and drinks to keep them energized and motivated while working on the move.


By following these 10 tips, you and your movers can have a smooth and efficient moving day, where they can work with full efficiency, and you can relax knowing that there will be no mistakes. Remember these tips when you call your first choice Karratha removalists for your next move.

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