What To Do When Your Toilet Gurgles

Sometimes when your toilet begins to gurgle, you wonder if your toilet actually breathes. Your toilet mostly gurgles and makes strange, rumbling noises after you flush the toilet. On rare occasions, the toilet may bubble and refuse to flush.

Bubbling and gurgling in your toilet bowl is one of the odd toilet behaviors that point to a problem. Get the best plumbing solutions from tested, trusted, reliable and experienced professionals like plumber Cronulla for any plumbing needs.

What to do when your toilet gurgles

The gurgling sound indicates that there is a blockage in some areas. The following are some causes and solutions to your toilet’s annoying gurgling sound.

Blockage of a vent stack

The vertical pipe rising to your roof is known as the vent stack. It discharges exhaust gas and controls the air pressure in your plumbing system. To check for a blockage in the vent stack, you must ascend to the roof and unblock it on your own if it is blocked.

Negative air pressure

Negative air pressure in your drain pipes could cause unusual gurgling sounds. Therefore, if you hear these noises, your drain pipes are blocked by something. It doesn’t flow smoothly down the line; instead, it pushes back and makes those gurgling sounds.

A clogged toilet

Too much toilet paper and other materials can get stuck in the toilet, and you might notice things floating in the toilet bowl. Ten or fifteen hard plunges should be done if you’re experiencing a clogged toilet. This should be able to clear the obstruction if it’s close to the surface. Additionally, you can try putting a drain snake, sewage snake, or plumber’s auger down the drain hole to clean the pipe if that doesn’t work.

Blockage of a mainline

Your drains, as well as the main line, are connected by the drain lines. All that wastewater is transported via the main line to the city’s main sewage drain connection. If a blocked drain line is reachable, it can be cleared with a plumbing auger. But if it’s unreachable, a more extensive approach (like the toilet might need to be taken out) will be employed. If necessary, they might even need to dig up your front or backyard to get to the broken line and fix it.

Blocked municipal sewer line

The final culprit behind toilet gurgling is a clog in the public sewage system. If this is your situation, you don’t have to do anything because it is not your obligation to fix it. If you think the problem is with the municipal line, ask your neighbors if they are experiencing a similar problem. If so, get in touch with your city or water provider.


If you clean any material from the vent stacks on the roof or the drain clog clears itself, the gurgling noises may go away on their own. However, if the problem is with your main sewer line, you will want the assistance of qualified plumbers to excavate and fix the main sewage pipe in your yard if it has broken or collapsed.

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