Top 5 Fire Prevention Tips

More than 15,000 people are injured in fires every year in the U.S. and over 3,600 people die from fire-related incidences. Having a fire prevention plan and using smoke and fire alarms could have prevented most of these fires. Fires can start and spread in an instant so knowing how to prevent fire and using fire prevention tips and materials is vital to staying safe.

Fire prevention tips to follow

It’s important to make fire prevention a piece of commercial and industrial safety practices as well as at home. Keep reading to learn how to reduce the risk of fire with this short guide.

Chief fire prevention

The main thing to do to prevent fires is to make fire safety a priority. Don’t be lax about electrical appliances, open flames, or smoke detectors. All of these should be something you take very seriously.

Smoke and fire alarms

Install smoke or fire alarms in every bedroom and in common areas. Connect them to each other so that if one goes off, the signal goes through the whole building.

Replace the batteries every year and replace the alarms and detectors every ten years.

Know how to use a fire extinguisher

Having a fire extinguisher is important but knowing how to use it is equally as important. You should store extinguishers in easily accessible locations near a potential source of fire.

There’s an acronym to help you know and remember how to use a fire extinguisher, PASS. Pull the pin out to release the trigger. Aim the sprayer directly at the base of the fire. Squeeze the trigger. Sweep the extinguisher back and forth.

Extinguishers are meant for small, contained fires. Call 911 for a larger fire.

Install sprinklers

Sprinklers can keep a fire from getting out of control and even extinguish it all together before the fire department arrives.

Most commercial and industrial buildings have sprinklers installed, but you can also install them in your home as your building it.

How to prevent electrical fires

Have your electrical wiring inspected and replace any old, frayed wires. Don’t overload electrical outlets. Keep flammable materials away from electrical appliances.

Use surge protectors to prevent a power surge from overloading electrical outlets and causing a fire.

Looking for a great way to mitigate risk and protect people and infrastructure? Check out these safety blankets and shields. They are engineered and designed to give you safety solutions for harsh operating conditions.

Follow these fire prevention tips

Following fire prevention tips and creating a solid safety plan goes a long way in preventing fires in the workplace and the home. Besides knowing how to prevent fires, it’s imperative to have a strategy for what to do in the event of a fire.

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