4 Tips To Extend Life Of Your Glass Tops

Glass tops are a very necessary part of any furniture whether it is inside your home or in an office. It covers most of your room’s look and if it is old looking or poorly cleaned then it can ruin the complete look of your room. That is the reason why it is very necessary to maintain your glass tabletop properly. By maintaining your glass top properly not only can you get maximum benefits from your glass table but also it can extend the life of your tabletop.

Ways to extend life of your glass tops

Glass tops are expensive items and can cost hundreds of bucks if your tabletop size is too large so it is very difficult to replace glass tops every year or so. So here we have come with a few tips which can help you to add years to the life of your tabletop.

Proper installation

Installation is the most important factor which decides your tabletop life. If your tabletop is not installed properly or it is not sitting right on the surface of the table base then it can get broken easily or at least can get scratches due to movement or friction. So it is advised to install it correctly with the help of suitable accessories like rubber bumpers, glass holders, etc.

Right selection of glass

Another important thing that has a great impact on your glass top life is the glass selection. If the glass thickness is not according to the size or usage of your glass table top then it can get damaged in a few months. For example, if your tabletop size is too big and the table base has no support to hold the glass surface then it is mandatory to choose a thick glass that can hold the pressure.

Choosing a glass type is also important. If you need a strong glass tabletop then tempered or laminated glass can be a good option to choose because it is many times stronger than ordinary glass.

Regular cleaning and maintenance

Regular cleaning can also help you get the maximum out of your tabletop for many years. If the glass tabletop is not cleaned properly then it can lose its shiny look with the passage of time. Also, the small particles in dust can cause scratches on the tabletop. So it is very necessary to do regular cleaning of your tabletop with a suitable cleaner. There are many branded glass cleaners available that you can use to keep your glass top clean.

Layers and coatings

Some glass companies also offer extra cleaning coatings on their glass top which can help you to keep the surface of your tabletop clean. The coatings make the glass dust resistant so the dust doesn’t stick on the glass surface. Glass table tops with coatings don’t require frequent cleaning so it also saves your time in glass top cleaning.

Final words

These were the few tips that you can adopt if you want your glass top to look new for a longer period of time.

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