Thickness Of The Glass Shower Door Guide! How Thick Should It Be?

Each and every one of today’s bathrooms would be incomplete without a shower enclosure. The aesthetic and practical value of the bathroom is elevated to new heights with this addition. While glass shower doors are convenient, there are a few things to keep in mind to get the most out of them. A lot of thought needs to go into purchasing glass shower doors. This includes factors like the thickness of the glass shower door.

You can’t exaggerate how much of a difference this makes in a glass shower door’s usefulness. When it comes to the ideal thickness of glass shower doors, opinions vary widely. Let’s take a detailed look at the available choices and weigh the merits of various shower door glass thicknesses.

Things to Keep In mind!

  • The thicker the glass, the more support it would require in terms of hinges and brackets as well. For example, if you go for a frameless glass door, then if it is of 3/8″ thickness, you must look for heavy-duty and high-quality hinges to support the weight of the shower door.
  • Finally, consider the aesthetics as well while choosing the right thickness. The thinner options are much more aesthetically pleasing but they must not compromise the safety factor. On the other hand, if you go for thicker options then they tend to be more durable and last longer as well. Therefore, it is important to make a balanced decision keeping in mind both aesthetics and security factors while selecting the right thickness of the glass shower door.
  • Overall, choosing the right thickness of glass shower doors can be a tricky decision. It is important to select the one that suits your needs and preferences while ensuring that it is safe and secure. Consider the purpose, aesthetics, safety, and security along with the hinges and brackets for optimal results.
  • Make sure that the edges are polished and rounded to avoid any accidental cuts or scratches. Thicker options tend to be more durable and offer better safety as compared to thinner ones.

Thickness options to consider!

3/16 Inches

Any glass door must be at least 3/16 of an inch thick. This thickness of the glass is typically used in thickly framed glass doors. Because of the sturdy door frames, even the thin glass panels can do their job. The reduced cost that comes with thinner glass shower doors is one perk. To sum up, the best value is found in a framed 3/16″ glass shower door.

¼ Inches

Thicker and more robust than its thinner counterpart, 3/16-inch shower glass is a popular choice. Still, a quarter-inch isn’t very thick, so if you’re set on glass doors, it’s best to go with a framed design. The price is obviously higher than that of 3/16-inch glass. Glass enclosures with a thickness of 1/4 inch are still considered to be an affordable option.

⅜ Inches

The 3/8-inch thickness of glass used for shower doors is a solid choice. Frameless shower enclosures require this as a bare minimum. The independence of the glass door is made possible by its thickness of 3/8 inches, which provides significant strength and sturdiness. It is more expensive than a standard glass door that is only 1/4″ or 3/16″ thick. For the greatest results with your semi-frameless glass shower door, go with a glass thickness of 3/8 inches.

½ Inches

This is the typical thickness for glass door sizes. Glass doors that are only ½ inch thick can stand on their own. Large, frameless glass enclosures typically employ this thickness of glass. Its price is higher than that of other common sizes. Thicker glass doors, such as 1/2 inch, also give a more refined impression.

At last;

The thickness of the glass shower door is an important factor to consider while buying it. The main purpose of using a glass shower door is that it provides a safe and secure environment for the user, hence, you must make sure that your chosen option is not too thin or too thick. Ideally, you should go for 1/4″- 3/8” thick glass shower doors.

These options provide an adequate level of safety and security. Additionally, make sure the edges are polished and rounded to avoid any accidental cuts or bruises while using the shower door.

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