Goodbye To Home-Painting Woes: 8 Painting Hacks Just for You

Changing the colours in your room can improve the aesthetics of your room. But people often avoid repainting their homes because of the high charges demanded by professional painters.

However, you can paint your home all by yourself and achieve the finish of professional painters in Black Rock. Painting your own home often works like therapy. But, it can be quite a stressful experience at the same time.

You might not be confident about your painting skills in the beginning. You might be worried that it’s getting messy, or maybe you will spill paint all over your room. But with the right painting hacks, your home will have a decent makeover.

8 painting hacks to paint like a professional

Scroll down till the end to learn some easy hacks to paint your home with the perfection of a professional.

Start painting when the weather is dry

Humidity can be your worst enemy when you have decided to repaint your home. Humidity will make the paint drip and cause it to dry. Therefore, you should always avoid painting on a rainy day.

But if you have to paint on a rainy day, you should take advantage of the slow drying. When the paint remains wet for a long time, you have the opportunity of making corrections before applying the next coat. However, do not overwork your errors, as it will show after the paint gets dried.

Buy painting equipment of high-quality

Have you always wondered how professional painters like can end up doing the right job? One primary reason behind it is that they use high-quality equipment for the job. Some people think that buying paint from a reputable brand is enough. But apart from investing in good-quality paint, you also need the right equipment for the job.

In 2020, the value of the paint and coatings industry in the world was valued at $158 billion. With the increasing demand in the industry, there has been a massive development in the quality of products as well. When you buy good roller covers and brushes, you will not have to waste time on reapplication. Buying high-end painter’s tape will help you prevent blurs and drips while doing the job.

Add vanilla extract to your paint

Some people find the smell of fresh paint fascinating, while others can’t tolerate it. If you fall in the second category, vanilla extract will be your best buddy. You need to mix a tablespoon of vanilla extract for every pint of paint that you are applying.

You need to stir it to mix the vanilla extract in the paint properly. The vanilla extract will not ruin the paint if you mix it well. The vanilla extract will overpower the annoying paint fumes while you are working.

Easily remove painter’s tape with a hair dryer

Painter’s tape is one of the most useful elements that can help you while choosing a fresh new look for your home. But some people are afraid that they will ruin the paint while peeling off the tape. All your effort will be wasted if the paint comes off while pulling out the stubborn adhesive.

But an easy hack is to use a hairdryer on the tape before peeling it off. Holding the hairdryer three inches from the wall will make the adhesive soft. Therefore, removing the tape will be stress-free while keeping the perfect paint line intact.

Use the rubber band hack to keep your paint can clean

Before beginning to paint, you should put a rubber band around your paint can. Dip your paintbrush in the can and wipe off the excess paint using the rubber band. It prevents the paint from dripping down the can and avoids wastage. The room remains less messy, and the edges of the can also stay clean. It ensures that you can easily reseal the can after you are done painting.

Know about the nap

If your walls have a thick texture, you will need a thick nap on the roller cover. It will ensure that the roller cover can offer full coverage while reaching into crevices. A thick nap will be beneficial for concrete walls.

But if it’s drywall, the nap should be thin. If you are going with a thick nap when not required, it will create unwanted texture on your walls.

Apply primer

Nowadays, you will find paint and primer combinations readily available in the market. For a smooth surface, the paint and primer combinations will be useful. If you haven’t painted your walls over eight years, you need to apply primer separately. You should also apply a separate coating of primer if there are other issues with your wall. If the surface is extremely challenging to cover, such as glass, you need to apply bonding primer.

Protect surfaces you don’t want to paint

The biggest fear of people while trying to paint their homes is that they will spill paint everywhere. If you want to prevent accidental spillage, you should cover every surface that you don’t want to paint. Drop cloths are mandatory to prevent spillage of paint all over the room.

Plastic wraps are also quite effective in destroying the finish of objects you don’t want to paint. Plastic wraps with adhesive backing can offer an even tighter wrap. In fact, you can also find special painter’s wraps in a nearby hardware store. 

If you are worried about how to keep small spots paint-free, you should apply petroleum jelly on such spots. Applying petroleum jelly on seals of windows and doors will prevent them from sticking.

Wrapping up

With these painting hacks up your sleeves, you can easily finish painting your rooms on your own. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the aesthetics of your room.

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