What measures can you take to maintain the upholstery in your room?

After a long day at the office, you long to retire to your couch and turn on the TV. When you sit in, what you find is that the couch is stained, it is dirty, and it smells of your pet dog. The furniture has accumulated dust on its surface. Uggh! It is the last thing you would want to find after a long tiring day. So, how to maintain so that your home becomes more inviting and welcoming and does not lose its cozy appeal?

Tips to maintain the upholstery in your room

Here are a few tips that you can use. These will help you maintain the upholstery in your bedroom for a long time:

Leather Spray a mixture of olive oil and vinegar onto the surface of the couch and keep a soft cloth to dust your upholstery. Clean your upholstery regularly with a damp, clean cloth. Baby wipes contain very little moisture and are great for upholstery made of leather, cotton, or polyester. They are also ideal for cleaning spills, stains, and rugs with spots. You can use Leather soap and conditioner to keep your leather couch looking clean and fresh. Avoid large windows and direct sunlight to come in contact with your leather items.

Fabric – You can clean fabric sofas with a soft-bristled brush. It is good to vacuum and disinfect your fabric. Dusting it will help to maintain the quality of the fabric and remove germs and allergens too. You can disinfect your sofa by spraying a mixture of diluted essential oil with anti-bacterial properties and a bit of rubbing alcohol. Baking soda is an excellent ingredient for cleaning fabric.

Plastic – You can clean your colored plastic chair with water and wipe the non-fabricated parts of the sofa like wood and metal parts with a solution of warm water and liquid soap. But this does not mean that water is the one cleaning solution for all your upholstery.

Determine the type of fabric and always read the maker instructions before you clean your fabric upholstery. The tag or the user manual will mention how you need to take care of your items. The code generally has it written. For instance, ‘W’ implies you can use water, “S/W” means you can use both Solvent and water, whereas ‘X’ means you should use neither and should only vacuum clean it.

Blanket– Clean your throw blankets and throw pillows inside out in the washing machine with your favorite essential oil. It not only maintains its odor but also keeps it hygienic.

Headboard – We tend to miss cleaning the fabric headboard most of the time while we keep our bedsheets clean. Unless the dirt has accumulated in the headboard from the oils and lotions in the creams and hair oils have been cleaned, our bedroom cleaning is still incomplete. The germs still stay, and the question of hygiene persists.

But given the busy schedule, you have we understand that it is not always possible to care for the furniture yourself.  In that case, you can get the furniture cleaned with the help of an upholstery cleaner.


Remember, you have purchased your dream house after investing a lot of money, time, and effort. You had to go through many people and places to land at what you have now finally. Do not let go of it so casually. Take some time out every day or at least once a week to keep what you have invested in clean. You will have a cozy house that welcomes you and your dear ones, and what you have invested in will have a long shelf life.

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