Why Your Kitchen Needs A Pantry

The kitchen space is not complete without a pantry. A kitchen can feel cramped and unorganized if it does not have the perfect place to store all of its kitchenware. The pantry provides an excellent place to store non-perishable foods, kitchen appliances, seasonings, cooking tools, and more!  It is important to know what should go in a kitchen pantry and where the best place for one is.

How to design your kitchen with a pantry?

Read on for tips on how to design your kitchen with a pantry so that you will always know where everything is and make the most of your space.

What is a pantry?

A kitchen pantry should be a room separate from the kitchen itself. It is best to have the kitchen and pantry adjoined, but with no doors between them. This way, it will feel as though you have two rooms instead of one big space with half being devoted to storage and organization. If you don’t have space for a walk-in then dedicated cabinet space could work. The key here is to make the space organized and to stick to the system you create for it.

Life is easier when you can store these items in your pantry

The pantry provides an excellent spot to house non-perishable foods, kitchen appliances, seasonings, cooking tools, and more! Think about all the things that you need to hand in but take up a lot of space.

Tins are great examples, as are big bags of rice and pasta. You can store these types of foods for a long time, so it makes sense that you have access to them but that they’re not necessarily in the way every time you’re in the kitchen. The same goes for herbs and spices.

Large and infrequently used kitchen appliances such as a slow cooker or a bread maker might also be good options for your kitchen pantry. Nobody is saying put your kettle or toaster in the pantry but it might be a good idea to keep your food mixer in there so you can keep your kitchen sides clear. A pantry is also an excellent place to store kitchen tools – from baking trays and cake stands, to pots and pans, kitchen scales, and rolling pins.

Bonus Tip: Another cool use for a pantry could be using a couple of shelves for a kitchen library filled with cookbooks and kitchen reference books. If you have a kitchen library like this, then make sure that it’s organized by topics such as baking or roasting so that when you’re in the kitchen ready to cook something, you find exactly what book you need without having to rifle through every single book in your collection looking for inspiration.

You can fit a pantry into most types of kitchen

A kitchen’s storage space is typically limited so it needs to be used as efficiently as possible!

The kitchen pantry can be a dedicated room in your kitchen with an entrance and exit. It’s also common to find space for the kitchen pantry between two cabinets or at the end of one wall where it’s accessible from both sides or to build shelves along a whole wall of your kitchen. Pantries that are built into walls tend not to be as useful because they can make it difficult to reach certain things at the back. You might also want to think about getting a small step stool so you can store and access less frequently used items on the top shelves.

Pull-out pantries have also become increasingly popular in recent times. With a pull-out pantry or multiple pull-out pantries, you can take narrow but deep sections of cupboard space and make it useable kitchen storage space. You can place shelves into these spaces that then slide them all the way out, which makes everything much easier to access, even those items that usually get forgotten about at the back!


A kitchen with a pantry is essential for all kitchen owners. It is important to make sure that you take your kitchen design into consideration before deciding on whether or not to include one in order to ensure the best possible result for your kitchen space. Pantries come with many benefits, including storing items like tinned foods and large appliances, while also providing an excellent place for kitchen tools such as pots and pans, baking trays etcetera.

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