Top 5 Garden Waste Disposal Options For Homeowners

After cleaning up your yard, it may be overwhelming to see the piles of trash you’ve collected. You probably haven’t thought about how to dispose of them apart from having the local trash collectors pick them up. However, this may not be the most convenient option for you especially if the trash takes up too much space or if the green waste emits unpleasant odors due to decomposition. As such, it may be best to look for waste disposal solutions before doing your yard work.

Garden waste disposal tips for homeowners

If you’d like some helpful tips on how to effectively dispose of your garden waste, here are a few suggestions you can consider:

Recycle green waste

Since most of the waste you need to dispose of is biodegradable, you can put them in bags and drop them off at the nearest recycling facility.  Your green waste such as bark, flowers, leaves, and twigs will be transformed into soil conditioners that can be used in agriculture or as an ingredient for home composting. 

Before you drop them off, you need to make sure there are no contaminants mixed with the green waste. To do this, you need to remove plastic items, rocks, and dirt as they may get in the way of the decomposition process and they might also affect the quality of the end product. 

To confirm the availability of green waste recycling in your area, you can look for drop-off points posted online or visit a waste management company’s website. Usually, there are chat support options where you can ask a question about green waste disposal.

Compost biodegradable waste 

If you’re able to create a compost bin at home, this may be a great solution for disposing of your garden waste. To do this, you need to have a composting bin where you’ll combine different biodegradable materials such as kitchen waste, paper, shredded wood, and dried leaves. Then, they’ll be left to decompose up to a stage where they become soil fertilizer.

If you have big branches and sticks, you need to use a wood chipper to break them down into smaller pieces to allow faster decomposition. Also, you need to ensure that the kitchen waste does not have bits of animal meat or bones to avoid insect infestation. 

Create a worm bin

Aside from a compost bin, a worm bin is another suitable alternative for garden waste disposal. A worm composting bin, also known as a vermicomposter, can be easily put up and maintained at home. Although it’s a small-scale system that allows you to compost only a few specific items of garden waste such as small twigs, leaves, and branches, you can still consider putting up one because of its benefits for your garden and the environment as well. Also, it’s a fairly inexpensive and convenient way to dispose of green waste, so having a worm bin may be worth a try. 

Ideally, you need to place your bin indoors to protect the worms from the elements and extreme weather conditions. Additionally, you need to put the bin where it’s not going to be disturbed to prevent spillage or contamination. 

Hire a skip bin

Many waste removal companies offer trash disposal solutions to homeowners such as the use of a skip bin. When you choose skip hire, you can place all the green waste for collection in a large moving bin which will be collected at your preferred schedule. Skip bins are also affordable and flexible in that you can throw away any kind of material for disposal in them. Moreover, this solution may be ideal for those who don’t have sufficient space to keep huge amounts of yard trash after cleaning up.  

Turn them over to local trash collectors

If the amount of garden waste you’ve collected is fairly manageable, you can consider having them collected by the local waste disposal services in your community. Usually, trash collection services may be able to collect most of your garden waste following local regulations. However, you may need to hold on to the trash until the regular pick-up schedule in your area. There’s also a possibility that not all the items you have for disposal will be accepted for collection. 


It’s important to make preparations for garden waste collection and removal before you start your yard work, especially when you plan to trim several plants and trees. This way, you can avoid the inconvenience of having too many waste materials to dispose of at once.

Moreover, you’ll need to be ready to set aside compostable materials so you can put them away properly. This way, it will be easier for you to turn them over for recycling. So, even when it comes to green waste, you can go green!

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