Most Effective Techniques To Clean Outdoor Glass Balustrades

If you’re considering a balustrade for your balcony then you’ll be debating about how best to keep the view while minimizing maintenance and cleaning.

The good news is that installing glass balustrades Sydney is the best solution. Glass allows you to enjoy the view while offering safety protection and it needs very little maintenance or cleaning. With the right technique, a glass balustrade can be washed easily and safely by anyone.

The simple option works best

It is surprising but the best thing to do when cleaning glass balustrades is to avoid dedicated glass cleaning products. In many cases these have additional compounds which can smear the glass, making it harder to get clean.

Instead of opting for expensive solutions, opt for a more traditional approach. Add soap and water to a bowl and then use a clean cloth to gently wipe across your balustrade on both sides. You’ll need to use a clean cloth and wipe the glass over gently. You can then polish it dry with another clean cloth.

If you’re only dealing with light marks, such as fingerprints, this simple approach should work.

Of course, it helps if you tackle the dirt as soon as possible. That means cleaning your glass balustrade at least once every three months. Alongside this, you should clean it straight away if a bird leaves any mess on it. When left, this can be difficult to remove.

Tougher stains

If you’ve noticed there are tougher stains on your glass balustrade you’re going to need to adopt a tougher approach. It’s possible that some bird mess has gone unnoticed or that you have splatter from a nearby road or even air pollutants.

If this is the case and soap and water aren’t working you’ll need to try something stronger. Your best option is white vinegar. You’ll want to mix an equal amount of white vinegar with the same amount of warm water, then add a few drops of dish soap and then put the solution in a spray bottle.

If you wish you can add lemon juice or substitute the vinegar for lemon juice. The result is the same.

It should then be possible to spray the stubborn stains before wiping them over with a clean sponge. You can then use a squeegee to wipe down the window and make sure all the stains are gone before drying it with a microfibre cloth. This ensures it is streak free and spotlessly clean.

Doing the other side

If you’re going to clean the balustrade then you need to clean both sides. However, the outer edge can appear daunting, the best way to do this is to do it first. You don’t need to lean over the balustrade. Instead, use your squeegee and a mini-mop to wipe the balustrade over. Keep the cleaning tools attached to you by a piece of string, ensuring there are no issues if you drop them.

Final words

By regularly cleaning the balustrade you’ll find it is easy to keep clean and keep it looking fantastic.

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