Considerations When Choosing Pet-Friendly Flooring Options

Houses that look after children have to work a lot harder than one that just has a couple living in it. This is because children are generally less concerned with the condition of the floor and furnishings. It can be frustrating dealing with them and maintaining a tidy house. That’s why you have to think carefully when choosing the right flooring.

The problem becomes even worse when you add pets, particularly dogs into the mix. They are known to run around the house without thinking about the flooring or furniture. In fact, they are worse than children because you can tell a child to take off their shoes, that doesn’t work with a dog or cat, they bring all sorts of mud and grime in when you’re not looking.

Pet-friendly flooring options

In short, you need to choose a floor that won’t be easily damaged by pet claws and can be cleaned with as little effort as possible. There are several viable pet friendly flooring options available;

Hardwood floors

Plenty of people will tell you that getting a specialist in herringbone flooring Sydney to install a stunning wooden floor is a bad idea. But, this is when it is important to look at the bigger picture.

Hardwood floors are more expensive than many other types of flooring. However, they are also much more durable, meaning that they will outlast other types of flooring and ultimately be cheaper.

The reason they will outlast other flooring types is simple, you can sand a hardwood floor and redo the top finish. This eliminates the scratches in the finish and restores it to new. It’s possible to do this multiple times, allowing you to have flooring that looks like it belongs in a show home.

You should also note that hardwood floors need surprisingly little maintenance. A regular sweep or vacuum is generally enough. Of course, if things are split on them it is beneficial to clean them up fast.

Once you factor these things into the equation you’ll realize that a hardwood floor is a good investment. It is the most durable option.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring gives the appearance of hardwood at a fraction of the price. It has a tough outer coating that helps to protect it from your pet’s claws. In most cases, you’ll find it is stain resistant and can cope with little accidents.

However, you’ll find that your pets struggle to get grip on the floor and, once the topcoat is damaged, the laminate will quickly become dirty, scuffed, and undesirable.

It’s a good choice if your flooring budget is low or you are thinking of selling and don’t want to spend too much.


Carpet is often overlooked for houses with pets because it provides a great hiding place for fleas and other pests. It’s certainly true that you’ll need to clean this type of flooring more often. However, it is also warm to your feet, doesn’t get marked by your pet’s paws, and it’s a cost-effective option.

However, you do need a powerful vacuum or you’ll have a floor full of pet hair, that’s not great if you have allergies or suffer from issues with pet dander.

It is worth noting that carpet can be easily stained but an alternative to rolled carpet is carpet tiles. Using tiles allows you to replace individual ones if necessary.

Cork flooring

Cork flooring offers the benefit of warmth to your feet, just like carpet. It is also a natural antimicrobial, meaning it will keep the mold at bay. It looks great but you should be aware that while durable, it can still be scratched by pet paws.

It also discolors over time and may not be the most suitable option for your floor. Additionally, it is only water-resistant, any accidents by your pets will need to be cleaned up straight away or they will stain.


Tiles are a popular choice, especially in rooms that are exposed to water, such as bathrooms and kitchens. They are available in a variety of styles, look great, and need very little maintenance. They also last for years.

But, they don’t give any grip to your pet’s paws and they are cold to your feet. It’s worth remembering that.

How long do you need it to last

The real key to deciding the most durable floor for your home and your family is to consider how long you need the floor to last. That means asking yourself how long you see yourself living in the same place.

If you’re thinking long-term then the cost of hardwood and occasional sanding is worth it. But, if you’re planning on selling in the next few years laminate is the most cost-friendly choice and will last long enough for your needs.

Both types of flooring need little maintenance. However, the procedure regarding laying solid wood floor is different from laminate, it’s advisable to get a professional to handle this part for you.


Don’t forget that you need to consider your pet-friendly flooring in relation to the style of the rest of your home. Hardwood and laminate floorings come in a huge variety of styles and colors. But, hardwood is generally considered a classic and will still look good when many other styles have gone out of fashion.

That’s worth considering when deciding on the right floor for your pet-friendly property.

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