Bluetti Solar Generator Reviews: Which Is Best For You?

Over the last few years, solar generators have become increasingly popular. The sun’s energy can be used consistently and for long periods to power these devices—without any other source of electricity. It is a safe, environmentally friendly way to generate electricity that can be more effective than gas-powered generators.

If you’re looking for a solar generator, then chances are you’ve heard of Bluetti. Thanks to its eco-friendly power generators, this company has quickly become one of the most exciting and well-known manufacturers. In our Bluetti solar generator reviews, we’ll go over some of the essential features to consider when deciding on a solar generator and then review each product in detail.

Essential features of a solar generator

There are a few features that you should look for when purchasing a solar generator. These features will help you determine which model is best for you and your needs:

Battery capacity

A higher capacity will allow you to use your generator for more extended periods without needing to recharge it. It can be beneficial if you are camping in remote locations where power outlets are only sometimes available. It would be best if you thought of a solar generator’s battery as its fuel tank. So, when determining the size of your battery, you should look at how many watt-hours are available (and not what it can power).

Charging rate

The speed at which a solar generator’s battery can be charged is an important consideration in choosing one. If you want to run your system continuously on solar energy, the charger for your battery must work quickly with PV panels.

Look for a solar charger that charges from alternative sources, such as wall outlets and your vehicle’s 12-volt plug. This guarantees you can charge when you’re off the grid—whether in the sun, plugged into home power, or on the move via a car dashboard socket.

Inverter capability

The maximum inverter wattage is another critical metric. This number tells you what types of loads your solar generator can handle. The wattage of your inverter is vital because it determines how much power can be stored in your battery and how many appliances you can run at once.

The continuous wattage rating indicates how much electricity a solar generator can handle over time. The surge rating is more of a “safety net” for brief periods when large appliances such as air conditioners are turned on. If you want to power high-wattage appliances, it’s best to get an inverter with a capacity greater than the total of those devices.

Top Bluetti solar generator

Let’s talk about some of the Bluetti solar generators that are available on the market today. These machines have unique features and abilities, making them stand out from other brands. We’ll be focusing on three models in particular:

Bluetti EB150 Solar Generator

The Bluetti EB150 power station, which has a 1500Wh capacity, and 1000W rated power (1200W surge power), is the most widely used option on the market. The generator is aesthetically pleasing. Most of the pack’s components are made of stainless steel, making it strong and long-lasting, while others are made of plastic to keep the weight down.

It has multiple outputs and versatile recharging capabilities. The robust interior allows the user to recharge electronics, while the versatile exterior output ports keep your lights on and phones charged. Considering the size of its battery, the Bluetti solar generator is incredibly lightweight at just 37.9 pounds. With a maximum input of 170 watts, its AC wall charger is among the quickest on the market.

The EB150 is equipped with a cutting-edge MPPT charge controller that regulates the power it can draw from solar panels—at full sunlight, this allows 500W to be drawn. This means that a full charge can be achieved under ideal conditions in slightly over three hours.

Bluetti EB240 Solar Generator

The EB240 is a high-capacity solar power station with 2400WH of battery storage. This means it can charge hundreds of phones or run your CPAP machine for several nights without plugging in! The Bluetti EB240 is powered by a lithium-ion battery capable of more than 2,500 recharges.

The EB240 can be fully recharged with solar energy in as little as 15 hours. If available, a single 200-watt solar panel—or larger panels—can provide enough power to juice up the battery pack. The battery can be charged using either the DC car port or the AC wall plug.

The Bluetti EB240 uses an MPPT solar charge controller to convert more sun’s energy into battery power than other types. Use the recommended solar input (400W) in direct sunlight. It will take five to six hours for this device’s battery to charge—a significantly faster-charging rate than comparable generators that take much longer.

Bluetti AC200P Solar Generator

The Bluetti AC200P is one of the most efficient generators on the market, offering a whopping 2000Wh even though it costs less than many other models. Its battery has an estimated lifespan of 3500+ cycles to 80% capacity, which means that the machine can be discharged and recharged 3500 times before losing 20% (2000Wh) of its performance.

The AC200’s 2,000W Pure Sine Wave inverter is where it shines, allowing users to power more power-hungry electronic devices. It has an enormous surge value of 4,800W, which will enable users to safely operate full-size coffee makers, personal heaters, hot plates, and even some power tools.

The Bluetti AC200P has 17 ports, making it perfect for charging multiple devices simultaneously. It also has a control panel with a touch screen. This allows you to view any issues and monitor the device’s power, charge, and temperature—all of which can be tailored to your specific requirements by adjusting voltage/power consumption levels. The AC200P has a built-in fan that activates when the temperature reaches 45 degrees and uses Bluetti Eco Mode, which reduces wasted energy by 50%.


Bluetti ranks high among the best solar generators on the market. The company’s LFP battery cells are designed to last five times as long as its main competitors, and its other products are just as sturdy and simple to operate.

Bluetti’s flagship products come with more extended warranties of 48-60 months, well above the industry standard of 24 months. Given that their 500-cycle lifespans will almost certainly be exhausted within those 24 months of regular usage, Bluetti has an opportunity to extend warranties and further differentiate itself.

After reading this review, we hope you have a better idea of which Bluetti solar generator best suits your needs. This company’s products are fantastic options—they will not go out of style and offer enough power capacity to be practical choices. It comes down to personal preference.

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