Everything You Need To Know About Anti-Bird Netting In Brighton

Are birds causing problems for your property in Brighton? Unfortunately, this is a common problem for a lot of property owners in this seaside city. Birds know where they can find food, as well as the best spots on a building for security and to safely build a nest. While nobody wants to harm wildlife, they also do not want their property to be a bird’s home.

If you are noticing a lot of birds, it is recommended that you are proactive in getting rid of them. There are plenty of humane ways you can do this. In particular, homeowners are turning to anti-bird netting in Brighton. Here is everything you need to know about it.

An effective barrier

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to netting. A lot of people think that it is flimsy material and not able to do a lot. However, this is not true and it is actually more effective than you would think. In fact, anti-bird netting is one of the best solutions to keep birds away from your building. It acts as a barrier rather than something that will harm or scare birds.

Therefore, anti-bird netting is fixed to your building and it does not allow birds to get to certain parts of that property. For example, it can be used to safeguard ledges and windowsills, as well as roofs and other spots birds will like to nest. Anti-bird netting is effective for residential and commercial buildings in Brighton when it is installed by experts. There is a perimeter framework cable, with the netting secured onto this. It is designed for longevity and to create a tensioned barrier that is impenetrable to birds.

A humane solution

While you do not want birds on your property, you probably do not want to harm them either. In fact, in many circumstances, the law will be against you if you kill birds or destroy their nests. So, it is in your best interests to look for a humane solution to the problem. Not only will this keep you out of trouble, but it can give you peace of mind and know that you are not harming any birds.

One of the best humane solutions out there to keep them away is anti-bird netting. It is designed to stop and deter birds from certain areas of your building. It is fixed to your property in desirable areas, such as near high ledges and roofs where birds might like to nest. Since the netting blocks these areas, it acts as a barrier. It does not harm birds in any way, but it stops them from getting to these places. Thus, they will fly away and choose somewhere else to build their nest.

A durable option

Everybody that lives in Brighton knows that the weather can change fast. In the summer, you can enjoy blue skies and high temperatures. But, during the autumn and winter, there can be a lot of rain and wind. So, you need a solution that is going to be able to deal with the changing seasons and still provide your building with protection.

This is where anti-bird netting comes in. This is the perfect solution for properties in Brighton since it has a durable construction. We are talking about strong and durable hog rings, which will secure the netting to a wired system. It is designed to be permanent and last for many years. In addition, the netting is made from high-density UV stabilized and knotted polyethylene. This creates a structure that is rot-proof and resistant to many weather conditions.

Suitable for many species

In Brighton, there can be a range of bird species plaguing you with problems. They can be different sizes and many of them get to different areas of your building, leaving a mess behind them. The good thing about anti-bird netting is that it can be used to target a variety of species. There are different sizes, which allows you to target them all at once and not leave your property vulnerable. For example, there are 19-, 50- and 75-mm gauges available.

Final words

Thus, you do not need to leave any stone unturned. You can select the size you need for where you live in Brighton. If you want to ensure that you capture most species then you may want to choose the smallest size. This will ensure that no birds are able to get through the netting and it can act as an effective barrier to your building.

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