A Guide To Hinges And Their Uses Around Your Home

Although a simple device, a hinge is a staple piece of kit that any serious DIYer and industry worker will use. Whether securing a front door or a box lid, you’re going to use hinges plenty and you might be surprised to know that there is an array of different hinges to choose from.

The correct hinge very much depends on the type of job you’re doing and knowing the difference will make the project easier. Here is our guide to hinges and their uses around your home:

What is a hinge?

Hinges are used to fasten parts together to establish an open and closed system. Typically made of metal, they have two flat leaves, one of which is attached to each of the parts being joined. There are holes in the leaves so you can use screws to form a knuckle so a pin can fit the connection between the two rotating parts.

Hinges are used in various items and appliances in your home so it’s likely that you use a hinge every day. This includes gates, cupboards, and windows and it’s important to buy the right hinge for your job if they’re to function properly.

Ball bearing hinge

These hinges are heavy-duty and durable so are perfect for heavier doors that are regularly in use. They are less likely to wear out than standard hinges due to the hidden bearings placed between the knuckles that prevent them from rubbing against each other.

The bearings also make the door easier, smoother, and quieter to use. If there is a consistent squeak when you’re using a door, here is a nifty way to silence the hinge.

Barrel hinge

These are used a lot in cabinet making and other woodwork as they can be attached to the framework of the piece, so they don’t detract from the artistry. They’re typically made of solid brass with brass links but aren’t recommended for load-bearing or vertical applications.

Butt hinge

This is the most common type of hinge and is responsible for opening and closing doors every day worldwide. Several different types of butt hinges are available from plain bearing to spring loaded and the one you use will depend on the project.

Though durable, they don’t last forever so it’s likely you’ll have to repair one or two in your time here’s how to repair a sagging door or worn hinge.

Strap hinge

These are frequently used on gates due to the long, narrow leaves that provide some extra stability. It creates a smooth and easy swing to doors that other hinges can’t quite manage and are available in a variety of materials and finishes.

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