What Appliances Can Run On A 2000-Watt Generator?

A generator is a machine that makes electricity from mechanical energy. Generators are used in a variety of applications, from providing backup power to homes and businesses during a power outage to being used as a primary power source for RVs, camping, and other outdoor activities.

So, what can you run on a generator 2000 watt?

A 2000-watt generator can power a variety of small appliances, including a coffee maker, microwave, fridge, and TV. Some large appliances may not use that much power, while some small appliances can be deceptively power-hungry.

If you are using a generator for backup power, it is important to have a plan in place for how you will use it. Know which appliances and devices you need to power, and make sure you have the right size generator for the job.

Information about wattage can be deceptive

The information about how much power an appliance needs is usually written on the appliance itself or can be found in the manual. This number, however, can be deceptive since it only refers to the Running Wattage of the appliance.

Some appliances, such as a refrigerator, air conditioning, etc., have a large starting wattage, which you should be aware of. Starting wattage is simply the amount of power that the appliance needs to begin working.

Unfortunately, very few appliances will have information about their starting wattage, which is why you may want to purchase a device called the “appliance load tester”.

RV & camping appliances

Below, we would like to provide you with a comprehensive list of appliances that you may have in your RV or might come in on your camping trip.

Essential appliances

Camping/RV ApplianceRunning WattsAdditional Surge Watts
Electric Blanket80 Watt1250 Watt
Dehumidifier785 Watt1250 Watt
Furnace Fan700 Watt1400 Watt
Heating Pad250 Watt250 Watt
Fan200 Watt200 Watt
Space Heater1800 Watt1800 Watt
Electric Water Heater (6 Gal.)1440 Watt1440 Watt

Washing appliances

Camping/RV ApplianceRunning WattsAdditional Surge Watts
Blow Drier1250 Watt1250 Watt
Washing machine1150 Watt2300 Watt
Curling Iron800 Watt800 Watt
Iron1200 Watt1200 Watt
Shaver35 Watt35 Watt
Vacuum1100 Watt1100 Watt

Kitchen appliances

Camping/RV ApplianceRunning WattsAdditional Surge Watts
Blender350 Watt500 Watt
Chest Freezer450 Watt900 Watt
Coffee Maker800 Watt800 Watt
Corn Popper275 Watt275 Watt
Crockpot250 Watt250 Watt
Deep Fryer1200 Watt1200 Watt
Small Refrigerator350 Watt500 Watt
Electric Can Opener170 Watt0 Watt
Electric Fry Pan1200 Watt1200 Watt
Electric Grill1650 Watt1650 Watt
Hot Plate1200 Watt1725 Watt
Microwave635 Watt800 Watt
Slow Cooker170 Watt270 Watt
Toaster850 Watt850 Watt
Toaster Oven1200 Watt1200 Watt
Waffle Iron1200 Watt1725 Watt

Entertainment appliances

Camping/RV ApplianceRunning WattsAdditional Surge Watts
Desktop PC600 Watt800 Watt
Laptop50 Watt0 Watt
Printer500 Watt500 Watt
Stereo450 Watt450 Watt

Other appliances

Camping/RV ApplianceRunning WattsAdditional Surge Watts
Battery Charger25 Watt0 Watt
Inflator Pump50 Watt150 Watt

Extra features to consider

If you’re looking at 2000-watt generators, there are a few extra features you might want to consider.

  • First, fuel type. If you’re going to be using your generator for long periods of time, you’ll want one with a large gas tank.
  • Second, automatic idle control. This feature will automatically adjust the engine speed based on the load, which can help extend the life of your generator.
  • Finally, consider the noise level. Some generators can be quite loud, so if you’re going to be using it in an area where noise is a concern, look for one with a low noise rating.

Frequently Asked Questions

People often have questions about what appliances they can run on their 2000-watt generators. Here are the most frequent ones.

Can a 2000-watt generator handle a furnace or a heat pump?

Unfortunately, a 2000-watt generator isn’t powerful enough to power the vast majority of electric furnaces or heat pumps.

Can you run a welder with a 2000-watt generator?

Welders need a lot of power, and such a generator is simply not enough. The usual wattage required to power a welder ranges from 7000 watts to about 13000 watts.

Will a 2000-watt generator be enough to run an air compressor?

If you’re going to be using a small air compressor, then such a generator should be able to handle the task. However, you should always look at the manual for your air compressor to determine how much running and starting watts it consumes.

Can a 2000-watt generator power an RV AC unit?

In the majority of cases, your generator should be able to handle your RV AC unless you don’t turn anything else on while the AC is running. According to rough estimates, an 11000 BTU AC requires 1050 watts of power, 13000 BTU AC needs 1800 watts, and 15000 BTU AC needs 2000 watts.

Can you power a refrigerator with a 2000-watt generator?

The starting wattage of an average refrigerator is 1200 watts when the compressor begins working. After that, the power consumption drops to about 200 watts, so your generator is bound to handle such a load.

What type of oil is best for a portable generator?

Our choice of oil will depend on where you live. You will want to purchase SAE 30 if you live in the southern regions and SAE 10W-30 if you live in the northern regions.

How long can a generator run?

An average portable generator has a fuel tank of around 1-1.5 gallons. As a result, an average generator producing 2000 watts of power can run from about 7.5 to 11 hours on a 50% load.

The best choice for emergency situations

A 2000-watt generator can handle the majority of home and RV appliances, making it a great choice for those who want to be prepared for anything. Whether you’re looking to power your home in an emergency or keep your RV running while you’re on the road, a 2000-watt generator can give you the peace of mind you need.

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