How To Decorate A Log Cabin House

In these extremely challenging times, we certainly miss nature. A log cabin is a great way to enjoy the outdoors without restrictions! Whether you’re constructing a new one from scratch or putting back to life your old log cabin, we’ve got some great decorating ideas for you.

Log cabins are well-loved for their cozy and nature-inspired look. But sometimes, too much wood can be overwhelming (and not to mention, boring).

Tips to decorate a log cabin house

From rustic interiors to lighting and accessories, we hope you find this guide useful in decorating your log cabin house:

Rustic log cabin interior

You can design your log cabin house in so many different ways. But a rustic theme is a brilliant starting point. Since log cabins are mostly made of wood, it has an innate rusticity.

By simply highlighting the natural beauty of wood and other natural elements, you can spruce up your cabin house quickly and easily.

What comprises a rustic log cabin design?

A rustic interior is natural, rugged, and casual. Surely, you can add elements to make your rustic cabin house more like “you” but some staples need to be present. These include the following:

Organic elements

The use of natural materials is crucial to achieving a rustic interior design. They can be anything from wood pallets to rock, cotton, leather, plants, and florals.


Wood is a defining characteristic of rustic interiors. Go for reclaimed wood that has an earthy and natural look!

Distressed metals

Another great addition to your rustic cabin is distressed metal and seeded glass. They create the perfect “farmhouse” piece that evokes coziness and nostalgia.

Natural hues

When it comes to colors, a rustic interior leans towards neutral choices as well as earthy tones. These are deep and natural, such as greens, browns, and grays.

Easy ways to decorate a log cabin house

Now that you have a clear idea of how your rustic log cabin house will look like, it’s time to get started with decorating!


It can be tempting to stuff so many things in your log cabin. But as the old saying goes, less is more.

A cramped cabin creates a stressful environment, which isn’t something you want. Your cabin home should be a place of calmness and tranquility. It’s a place to wind down at the end of a tiring day. Here are some tried-and-true ways to de-clutter and maximize your space:

Use multi-functional furniture

Think of furniture pieces that are space-saving and can serve several purposes, such as a bed with storage underneath, a sofa-bed, end tables with drawers, stools with hidden storage for books and small items, and the like.

Choose your decor wisely

Select decorative pieces that make your space feel clean and cozy, not cramped. Examples are green plants that are so refreshing to look at and area rugs that virtually divide space in your cabin house.

Consider an open floor plan

This makes your cabin feel a lot bigger and more spacious. Avoid placing furniture that blocks the natural flow of your space.

Change color palette

Colors have a great role to play in creating a beautiful and cozy log cabin home.

When it comes to colors, log homes don’t have to be brown all the time. Since your cabin is most probably made with wood walls, wood flooring, and plenty of wood furniture, choosing neutral colors for paint and accents could make for a dark and depressing interior.

Here are some ideas if you’re thinking of changing the color pallet of your log cabin home:

  • Yellow – In small doses, yellow can create a happy vibe. It complements brown and white.
  • Purple – Purple paired with gray, this color is stunning. Make sure to choose the shade that best complements the wood tones in your cabin home. Darker shades are luxurious and mysterious while lighter shades like lavenders are soft and feminine.
  • Blue – It is a popular choice for log cabin homes as it wonderfully blends with a rustic environment. When paired with warm, rustic logs, shades of blue create a farm-fresh ambiance that’s totally classic.
  • White – White linens and curtains in a rustic bedroom give it a light, clean, and relaxing appearance. It goes beautifully with white bright windows and fresh florals. So calming!

Play with carpets

Carpets and rugs add layers and texture to your cabin home. They make any room comfortable, cozy, and charming! They also add a soft touch to your cabin, a perfect contrast to those heavy chunks of wood!

Since rustic, farmhouse living is all about comfort, make sure that it reflects in your design.

Carpets come in varying colors, designs, and patterns. Whatever you choose, be sure to follow the basic rules of design: do not overwhelm a small space with dark colors.

Check out these ideas when decorating with carpets and area rugs:

  • Use rugs to define areas. If you choose an open floor concept, area rugs work wonders!
  • Create harmony. When using more than one rug, choose designs that complement each other in style. Nonetheless, you can create a sense of variety by using different sizes of rugs.
  • Consider your wall color. Your carpet should be two shades darker than your walls. If you have dark wooden walls, go for a lighter carpet.
  • Layer up. Layer a dark carpet with a lighter rug on top or pair a dark carpet with light-colored furniture to create a contrast.
  • Choose rugs that complement your decor. Western-style rugs work beautifully with wooden floors.

Choose appropriate lighting

Lighting does more than brighten a room. When nicely planned, it adds character and dimension to your log cabin house. Whether you want to keep it classic, modern, or somewhere in between, decorative lighting helps you achieve the ambiance you want.

Vary the mood with dimmer switches

Feeling productive? Sluggish? Looking to relax? Clean up? By installing dimmer switches, you can make your cabin home brighter or subdued depending on your mood and needs.

Add statement lighting

If you have quite a large space, statement lighting is an excellent addition to your cabin home. It can be used to shed light and set the tone of your furnishings and accessories.

Consider ceiling-mount fixtures

Decorative lights come in so many styles. You’ll surely find something that will complement your rustic interior. From stunning rustic chandeliers to hanging lamps in distressed metals, wrapped lights around a beam (or pipe), or a clear glass pendant hung in rope, dare to be different!

Think function

Pay attention to the quality of light as well. Make sure you have sufficient light necessary for certain areas in your log cabin home.

Add a bit of whimsy

Use accent lighting to add a personality to your home. It can be a floor lamp, string lights that drape on the wall, or light bulbs enclosed in mason jars – be creative!

Don’t forget natural light

Let natural light illuminate your log cabin home as much as possible especially during the day by keeping the windows open or your blinds lifted up. Nothing beats the warmth and appeal that natural light brings to a wooden, rustic home.

Make your space pop with wooden furniture

Furniture is a staple in log cabins as it is in conventional homes.

Quaint, cozy, and nature-inspired furniture is best for log cabin homes. They typically feature wood in rich, warm colors, and natural designs.

It’s important to consider the size and use of your log cabin when choosing wooden furniture.

Choose a theme. To make sure that your furniture is in sync with your cabin decor, start by selecting a theme. Common themes for log cabin decorating include Western, Southwester, forest or wood, nature-inspired, and camping-inspired.

Add a coffee table. A rustic wooden coffee table is an extremely beautiful addition to a log cabin. If space allows, you can position a sofa table in the living area for an added flair of rusticity.

Choose dining chairs that coordinate with the look of your table. If your cabin house is heavy on wood, consider upholstered chairs that add a soft touch to your dining room.

Don’t forget the fireplace!

Give your log cabin home a cozy glow by installing a rustic fireplace!

Most log cabin fireplaces are made with stones as they are the most complementary materials to wood. If you’re looking for inspiration to update your cabin fireplace, check these out:

  • Go ceiling to floor. If you have space, a large river rock fireplace makes a stunning focal point in your log cabin. Use a variety of natural stones for depth and beauty.
  • Think modern. An industrial log cabin fireplace that lies flat against large pallets of wood is so sleek and stunning.
  • Fireplace with wood storage. Maximize space in your cabin by installing a wood storage bin on the sides.
  • Brick fireplace surrounds. What’s more classic than a fireplace made of bricks? Depending on your application, you can create an entirely different and unique fireplace with bricks. There’s no right or wrong way to install bricks so make it fun.


Decorating a log cabin house is so much fun! Create a cozy space with a rustic design concept that best illustrates what a cozy and charming log cabin house should be! Wood is central to cabin houses. But they’re not all that matters. We’ve rounded up true-and-tested ways on how to decorate a log cabin. Learn the major elements of a rustic interior, plus some design ideas to beautify your space. Have fun!

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