How To Plan A Child-Friendly Renovation

Want to give your home a new lease of life, but unsure how to make things child-proof? Balancing your personal style when you have your children’s safety, comfort, and happiness to think about can feel like a challenge. We’ve rounded up the top tips you need for planning a home renovation, even when you have your whole family in tow.

Choose child-friendly renovation materials

It can be tempting to change your whole home around when renovating with your little ones in mind.  Rather than investing in short-term tables and chairs that seem to be childproof, you can find a compromise by simply searching for multitasking pieces. Baskets that make tidying your children’s toys away much more simple, or tables with rounded edges that help avoid any accidents from happening, will keep your home modern and fresh, even as your family grows. As well as being more durable, investing in furniture and pieces that match your style will help you find the balance between a super-safe playing environment for your children, and a space that feels like it’s just right for your whole family.

Once your toddler’s playtime starts to include exploring your entire household, it’s important to think about any hazards they might come across. Fitted to make sure your children get a good night’s sleep, wooden blinds can help you keep your home looking clean and modern, and avoid the risk of curtains being pulled down and stained. Starlight Blinds stock child-safe blinds without loose cords or cables that could cause trouble if your children are more inquisitive.

Factor in storage space

As your toddlers grow into teens, the number of toys, clothes, and possessions they own is likely to grow – even bigger than you expect it to! Thinking about your storage options, and multi-functional furniture that can be used for many different purposes as your family expands means you can keep things looking clean, sleek, and modern, even when your household is a little messier than usual. If you’re renovating your children’s bedrooms, planning in wardrobes and drawers with lots of extra space will also help your little one make the space their own, and tidy away the toys and clothes they’re not using.

Open up your space if possible

It can feel impossible to keep an eye on your children at home, especially when you’re having a busy day. One way to avoid the risk of your little ones running into your furniture, or causing havoc while still focusing on your emails is to embrace open plan living. A wide kitchen and living space can make your home feel brighter and more welcoming while giving your child the space they need to play worry-free.

Re-imagine your colour scheme

While you might be tempted to choose darker or deeper colours across your furnishings, furniture, and walls to avoid those pesky stains and handprints which seem to constantly appear, it’s important to consider the overall feel of your space. As your little ones grow, your space will need to adapt. Choosing white, bright colours will instead help your space feel more fresh and modern, so both children and adults can make the most out of it. Just go for washable paint where possible, so you can let your little artists run wild, without having to redecorate every few months.

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