Global warming and the growing need for cooling systems

Global warming is a term that refers to the heating of the earth’s atmosphere over a period of time. Earth is protected by an ozone layer to save it from the harmful rays of the sun which can increase the temperature of the earth. There is a growing need for cooling systems to combat global warming.

After the industrial revolution and extensive use of harmful gases and deforestation now global warming is an international issue of prime importance. Due to global warming overall temperature has increased significantly.

Combating the growing need for cooling systems

Due to the increase in temperature, invention and the growing need for cooling systems had increased enormously. It is hard to do even daily tasks in such extreme weather conditions, the human body cannot bear its impact. That is why over the last few decades many different types of cooling systems have been launched for different settings and purposes.

HVAC system

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning and it is responsible for thermal comfort and better air quality. HVAC is mostly installed in family units, apartment buildings, hospitals, and skyscrapers.

HVAC systems not only provide air conditioning but also by using a ventilation process it maintains the oxygen replenishment, moisture removal, dust, smoke, and other harmful gases in the environment. As an HVAC company provides services like installation and maintenance of systems.

Central air conditioners

Central air conditioner systems are designed to cool the entire house or place. In this system a large compressor unit is installed outside the house afterward refrigerant cools the air which is then distributed through small ducts throughout the house.

Central air conditioners also come with features like energy efficiency ratio which help them perform at higher temperatures effectively. They are not cost-efficient as large compressor units require quite a lot of energy and also energy is needed to move air throughout the house.

Room air conditioners

Room air conditioners are used for cooling a limited area and they are mounted in windows and walls but they work the same no matter their placement. They function like central air conditions as their compressor is also placed outside.

They are smaller in size as they are sized to cool just one room. That is why, unlike the central conditioner system, a number of them are required to cool the whole house as separate units are needed for each room.

The positive thing about room air conditioners is that they are less costly than the central system. Moreover, individuals can control their energy consumption by selectively using them. These days by using inverter technology they are becoming more cost-efficient as well.

Evaporative coolers

Evaporative coolers are used as an alternative to air conditioners mostly in dry areas. It uses the technique of evaporation to lower the overall temperature. They work by pulling warm air through wet pads where the air is cooled by evaporation.

This process is quite similar to the sensation of feeling cold when you get out of the shower or water in the breeze. Even though it cannot lower the temperature as much as air conditioners, it is cost and energy-efficient.

By using an evaporative cooler users can save up to 75% on costs as their functionality is simple because they only use electric energy to operate the fan. Moreover, their purchase cost is also very low, the only drawback is that they are not ideal for humid weather.


One of the reasons for global warming is chlorofluorocarbons which are produced by air conditioners. That is why air conditioners are also a reason for hotter weather. Due to the substantial increase in temperature, more and more people are using air conditioners to get through the heatwave. On the other hand, these cooling machines are the reason for these heatwaves.

There is a need to control global warming as soon as possible as due to changing weather wildfires and storms are threatening the order of the world.

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