The Importance Of MERV Filters In Maintaining A Healthy Home

We cannot ignore the importance of residential air filters for improving our health conditions and enhancing comfortability. As a house owner, you must emphasize maintaining a healthy home by ensuring the best indoor air quality.

Understanding the importance of MERV air filtration is essential. The ratings help the users define varied air filtration levels provided by the MERV filters. In this article, we will answer the question, what is the MERV rating of a filter, and how does it affect the air quality of your house?

What is MERV rating and how does it work?

The minimum efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) indicates how efficiently an air filter can filter out air particles and improve indoor air quality. This rating was designed by The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-conditioning Engineers or ASHRAE. If you know the performance of the air filters with different MERV ratings, you will be able to choose the right filter for your house. 

A scale of 1 to 20 can measure MERV filters and their performance. The more MERV rating a filter has, the more it is able to capture air particles. A filter with a MERV rating between 1 to 3 can capture only 20%  of large particles, including pet dander, human hair, dust, moss, pollen, paint, etc. You can wash the filters with less MERV rating. So, buying these filters will not create any stress about investing in frequent filter replacements. 

On the other hand, filters with high MERV ratings are expensive, and you will need to change them frequently to keep your HVAC system performing efficiently. However, there is no way to consider the investment as wastage because higher MERV ratings help the filters capture all the air particles, regardless of the size. 

Importance of MERV filters to ensure a healthy indoor environment 

An effective MERV air filter can reduce the number of allergens and keep the indoor atmosphere clean and fresh. Let’s discuss the main importance of MERV filters to sustain better air quality.

Reducing the number of air pollutants 

The right MERV air filter significantly reduces the number of air pollutants in your house, for example, a 14x20x1 air filter. If the filter fits your HVAC system, it can filter out the air particles and produce fresh air throughout the house. The growth of air particles causes different health problems and spreads illnesses throughout your home. So, you must buy a high-quality MERV filter to help people with weaker immune systems in your family. 

Improving the indoor air quality 

Choosing the right MERV filter will help improve your house’s air quality by preventing the growth of air particles.

The suitable MERV filter reduces the risk of life-threatening health issues like eye irritation, sore throats, skin rashes, allergy symptoms, bad headaches, breathing difficulty, fatigue, and many other severe problems. Improving the air quality is a must, especially when ill people live in your house.


It is essential to maintain regular replacement to ensure suitable air filtration. If you need quality air filters, you can hire a residential and commercial air filter supplier from Custom Filters Direct anytime. If you alone cannot deal with the issues regarding your air filter or HVAC equipment, don’t delay contacting an expert with quality experience. 

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