The Benefits Of Upgrading To MERV Filters

Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values or MERV is a rating system for HVAC air filters that gives us an idea about the filter’s ability to trap air pollutants. You can find air filters of various types and sizes with several MERV ratings in the market.

Without knowing the advantages of these different types of filters, choosing which is right for your home or office HVAC system can be baffling. So let’s learn why and which HVAC air filter you need in your home or office space.

Which MERV filters are ideal

Air filters with MERV ratings between 8 to 13 are considered ideal for homes or workspaces. Filters of this range can provide you the maximum comfort. Some of these significant filters are:


MERV 8 is the most basic air filter that is used in home HVAC systems. These filters trap dust, dust mites, pollen, bacteria, and mold. If you live around a less polluted area, don’t have any pets, or have no family members with allergies or respiratory issues, you can use MERV 8 air filters in your home.

MERV 8 filters can capture almost 85% of air particles that has a size of 0.3 µm to 10 µm. But the effectiveness decreases to 20% for particles smaller than 0.3 µm. So these filters are adequate for most homes and provide good airflow.


MERV 10 air filters can catch air pollutants such as dust, dust mites, pollen, bacteria, and pet dander. So if you own pets, this can be the perfect air filter for your HVAC. These filters have additional filtration that can protect you from allergies or lung diseases.

When it comes to efficiency, it can remove more than 85% of particles with a size of 0.3 µm to 10 µm and removes 50% to 65% of pollutants with a size of less than 0.3 µm.


MERV 13 filters are the highest-rated MERV filters used in homes or offices. These filters remove dust, dust mites, mold, bacteria, and pet dander and eradicate smoke, smog, cooking oil smoke, and various airborne viruses. These filters can save you from frequent allergy attacks, severe respiratory issues, or lung diseases.

MERV 13 air filters can catch more than 90% of air particles with a size of 3-10 microns and 75% of particles with a size of 0.3 to 1 micron. If you’re looking for filters that provide the highest filtration, upgrade old ones with MERV 13 HVAC filters.

Top benefits of using MERV filters

Different MERV ratings provide different benefits, but most MERV filters have some common advantages that make them one of the core parts of the HVAC system. Here are the reasons why MERV filters are beneficial to you-

Protects the HVAC system 

Upgrading to MERV filters can boost your HVAC system’s performance. Using poor-quality filters can cause regular HVAC breakdowns. MERV filters are high-quality air filters, and regular maintenance can surely increase the system’s longevity.

Helps with Dust reduction

MERV filters minimize the dust levels inside your home, as most MERV air filters can trap dust and debris floating in the air. So these filters can ensure your home’s sanitation and cleanliness. The higher the MERV rating is, the better its dust-holding capacity.

Improves indoor air quality

Improving indoor air quality is one of the prime benefits of home or office air filters. Breathing is refreshed, and clean air is important. These filters’ air filtration capability can make the air you breathe as fresh as possible.


Before upgrading to your filters, make sure to learn about their various types and sizes, for example 18.25X22X1 air filters, 19.25X21.25X1 air filters, and how MERV ratings work. Find the filter most advantageous to you. Take professional help if needed and contact HVAC professionals. We recommend using a trusted air filter supplier, like Simply Filters, to find and buy the perfect air filter for your home and office HVAC system. We hope that this article was helpful to you!

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