How Much Is AC Repair In Texas?

Your AC unit is an essential part of your Texas home, made to increase your comfort. However, even the best AC unit can malfunction or break down at different times during its lifespan. When this happens, most homeowners want to know how much it would cost to repair their AC unit.

How much AC repairs will cost you will be determined by the extensiveness of the problem and the degree of damage.

In this article, we discuss the different repairs that your AC unit may require and how much they could cost in Texas. For AC repair Pearland, give our professionals a call.

Signs that your AC system needs repair?

The following are some of the common indications that your AC unit needs repair:

  • Strange or loud noises
  • Poor circulation or warm air
  • A surge in electric bills
  • Irregular operation or short cycling

AC repairs for various structures

The following are some of the most common repairs that your AC may need and the average cost of each in Texas:

Air filter

One of the most vital components of your AC unit is the air filter. It blocks dust and other debris from circulating and accumulating on the ductwork of your AC unit, and keeps out contaminants.

It is fairly fast and easy to clean or replace your air filter – you don’t necessarily need the help of a professional HVAC technician.

The most common filters are disposable ones. It should cost you about $20 to get a pleated filer or a little less for a flat filter. If your filter is a reusable one, you only need water to get it cleaned.

Above all, regular replacement of your filter should be part of your maintenance routine. Failure to do this will force your AC system to work harder to sustain the set temperature, thereby causing a surge in your monthly electric bills. Therefore, get your filters changed at least once in three months.


The main function of the thermostat is to observe your home’s temperature and then signal your HVAC system to work based on your setting. Succinctly put, it helps you to communicate with your AC unit. A malfunctioning thermostat could make you think that your AC system itself is faulty. The issue may just be a simple adjustment in the settings.

If your AC unit still doesn’t work after changing some settings on your thermostat, it may be time to call a professional HVAC contractor.

How much you will be spending on replacing your AC will first depend on your choice of model. You may want to go for the smart models as they offer additional features. Depending on the hardware and the cost of labor, you can expect to spend about $75 on replacing your thermostat.

Refrigerant leak

Refrigerant is an integral part of your air conditioner because it absorbs heat out of your home. If it’s broken, costs could include both repairing the leak and replacing any lost refrigerant.

Refrigerant is a chemical compound that does the job of absorbing heat out of your home and releases cool air. When the refrigerant in your AC unit leaks, you will be spending on repairing the leak and getting the lost refrigerant replaced.

It could cost you between $100 and $350 to refill your refrigerant. It could cost more depending on how large your AC is and if it uses the R-22. The production of R-22 has been stopped due to its negative effect on the ozone layer. It is now more expensive because it is only available in recycled quantities.

Compressor replacement or repair

If your AC system blows warm air or rattles when turned on, the compressor may be the culprit. Repairing your compressor will cost between $100 and $250. You can expect to spend between $1,000 and $1200 on replacement. Of course, the whole cost will depend on how complex the problem is and the damage done to your AC system in Texas.

Condenser and evaporator coils

The condenser coil condenses the coolant into liquid before spreading the heat outdoors. Replacement costs are typically around $581 or higher, depending on your air conditioner’s brand.

Most AC units have condenser and evaporator coils. The work of the condenser coil is to condense the refrigerant into liquid before expelling the heat outdoors. The evaporator coil is to absorbs the heat from the air inside your home.

Depending on the brand of your AC unit, replacing your condenser coil may cost $580 or more. The evaporator coil costs more to replace and could run between $675 and $1,300.

Ductwork repair

Cool air cannot circulate your home without the ductwork of your AC system. It is important that leaks and cracks are dealt with, except you don’t mind a surge in your electric bill.

Ductwork repair costs between $300 and $500. Although more expensive, the installation of new ductwork may give an improved energy efficiency. The size of your home is the major determinant of the cost of new ductwork. It would typically cost several thousand dollars.


Drainage problems could mean that you will be dealing with water damage and the repair or replacement of parts that have been damaged. Components affected may include the drain pan, drain line, and the condensate drain tube.

The work of the drain pan is to collect and drain condensed water. It cost between $250 and $575 to replace it.

The drain pan is drained by the condensate drain tube. The replacement of this tube costs between $100 and $195.

It may be necessary to flush the drain line of clogs, mold, or mildew. This service typically costs $75 to $250.

Breakers, Fuses, and circuit boards.

Fuses, breakers, and the circuit board are all electrical components that make your AC unit function. Malfunction or damage can affect many things in the AC system including the compressor, motor, or AC contactor.

The cost of repairing or replacing most electrical components can range from $75-$290. It costs more to replace the circuit board and you can expect to spend between $125 and $625.

Is it worth repairing the air conditioner?

If after consulting with a professional HVAC contractor in Texas, you realize that the cost of repair is more than $1,500, then you may be better off with a new installation. With the installation of a new AC unit, you are guaranteed more energy efficiency. This will save you some money on the cooling bill with time.

You may also need to check out this cost guide to get more ideas on the cost of various AC repair costs.

Final words on AC repair

The cost of AC repair in Texas will largely be determined by how severe the problem is, your location, and the contractor you hire. As soon as you see signs that your AC unit is malfunctioning, call a professional contractor. They will diagnose the problem, recommend whether to repair or to replace and then give you estimates.

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