A Guide To Better Boiler Care

The better you treat your boiler, the longer its lifespan will be. This is a fact that every professional will tell you. A boiler can last for more than 20 years, given that it is maintained properly. For this reason, we are going to look at some tips that will help your boiler have a longer lifespan, while still maintaining its efficiency.

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Magnetic filter

It is wise to install a magnetic filter. What is this? Well, this is a device that is made of either plastic or metal and is connected to the pipe in the central heating system. This device is fitted with strong magnets, enough to filter sludge that slowly builds up within the pipes with time. This makes the filter’s paramount task to be: preventing the sludge from entering the boiler. This will make it efficient and give it a longer lifespan.

Annual boiler service

It is wise to have your boiler serviced at least once every year. This may seem like an unnecessary task; it plays a huge role in making sure the boiler is at 100%. This technique is known to boost the lifespan of the boiler greatly.

Having your boiler serviced will help detect and solve any small issues that may be arising. In a nutshell, it prevents issues from growing into expensive problems.

Moreover, boiler warranties become invalid unless one can prove it had an annual service carried out on it by a qualified Gas Safe engineer like these guys here. In fact, with all new boiler installations we conduct, we send out free, friendly reminders to our clients when their boiler service is due. If you wish to have a new boiler or get a new boiler on finance, get a quote today.

Central heating inhibitor

This is a chemical compound that is used to prevent sludge build-up, which is made up of rust, dirt, lime scale, and other debris that forms in the pipes or radiator. This keeps the system running smoothly all through the year. The chemical compounds found in the central heating inhibitor break down the minerals before they get the chance to become sludge.

Preventing rust and sludge buildup is essential to prolonging the lifespan of the boiler. Moreover, it prevents unnecessary blockages that may prevent water from passing through properly. If this problem is left unresolved, it will lead to serious issues.

Running the boiler during summer

Although many people may feel that they do not need their central heating during the summer months, we do not recommend leaving it that long without running it. It is important to note that if the boiler is inactive for a long period, the system can become stagnant and develop blockages. This will definitely lead to breakdowns.

This is why it is important to run the heating unit during the summer months to prevent reducing its lifespan.

Power flush the system

If your boiler is relatively new or you use the heating inhibitor often, you do not need a power flush. However, if sludge has built up or you have neglected your boiler for years, you need a power flush. Experts recommend a power flush every 5 to 6 years. The goal is to keep the boiler running at its best.

The best thing is that there are signs you can look out for that will tell you if you need a power flush. To learn more about these signs, read here.

Bleeding the radiators

With time, air can find itself in the system, which will cause air bubbles in the radiator. As you probably know, the air in the radiator will reduce the efficiency of the whole system. This is why we recommend bleeding the radiator when needed to ensure the system is running efficiently. To know more about bleeding the radiator and other important information, read here.

Pipe insulation

The leading problem the engineers face is frozen pipes, especially during colder months. It is important to note that frozen pipes are not only an inconvenience but come with the risk of the pipe bursting when it thaws. That is because pipes contract in the cold and expand in the warmth.


Insulating a pipe is the best way to go. Moreover, it is a very simple process that can be a DIY task. By doing this, you will be reducing heat loss during the cold months and maintaining a relatively steady pipe temperature. The best thing is that lagging pipes are very affordable compared to replacing burst pipes. This is a great technique for increasing the lifespan of the whole system.

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