How to Make the Most of a Tiny Garden That Doesn’t Have Much Privacy

If you have an exceptionally tiny garden with neighbors or roads pushing in on all sides, you have some special challenges in your gardening journey. On the other hand, small gardens are a lot easier to maintain and enable more significant investment in the space that you do have.

Ideas for a tiny garden

Here are a few tips for creating a small, private garden space that you will love.

Invest in a Greenhouse or a Solarium

A greenhouse or a solarium enables you to create garden space indoors. This can be a huge advantage if you have a property right on the street or next to a sidewalk. Having an enclosed space enables considerably greater privacy and cuts out noise from the outdoors.

A greenhouse can be built on any unused corner of your lot, while a solarium can be built off of your home into a space that otherwise wouldn’t be used. Whether you choose a greenhouse or a solarium, make sure that you invest in climate control for the space.

With climate control, you’ll have a garden space that you can enjoy, no matter the weather or temperature. Wall AC Units are very affordable and easy to install but can offer powerful climate control whenever you need it. Whether you want temperature control in your solarium or greenhouse all the time or just want to turn it on when you’re using the space, Wall air conditioners are the perfect solution.

Build a wall

When you’re working with a small garden space, your last instinct might be to hedge the space even further with a wall. However, you’re likely to find that building a wall around your small garden actually makes it feel much bigger, especially if you feel that your neighbors are pushing in on you.

Even privacy fences allow for some visibility, and any kind of fence lets sound in. However, a wall can drown out the sounds of traffic or people outside and gives you total privacy from peering eyes.

Invest in soundscaping for your garden

It’s easy to think about the visual components of a garden. You probably know exactly what kinds of flowers you want to plant and how the various types of foliage contribute to the texture and colors in your garden. However, many people overlook sound when it comes to planning a garden.

If your garden is located in a small space with lots of noise pollution around it, you will find the sounds of trickling water, wind chimes, etc. can make your garden much more pleasant. Trickling water or wind chimes can be so effective that you’ll forget there are neighbors and streets outside of your garden at all.

Plant a tree

A tree may seem intuitive in a small space. After all, shouldn’t you plant something small so that you can fit more in the space? In fact, a well-shaped and carefully pruned tree may be exactly what your garden needs to look its best.

Trees draw the eye up, which in turn makes the garden seem bigger. Furthermore, the contrast between the size of the tree and the smaller plants around it accentuates the illusion of greater space.

Even the dappled shade that is cast by a tree is helpful in creating the impression of movement and distance within your garden. The trick is not to overdo it. Keep the tree pruned so that it doesn’t overshadow the garden. Smaller ornamental trees like fruit trees, flowering trees, Japanese maples, etc. all work well for this purpose.

Think differently about your lawn

Most people plant lawns over the entire property and then build their other landscaping into the field they’ve created. However, you’ll enjoy your garden more if you think about your lawn in a new way.

Plant attractive shrubs around the perimeter of your property, flowers in front of them, and a maintained lawn in the center. You will find yourself seeking out the grassy meadow area over and over again. The placement of the lawn in the center of the garden makes it the perfect place to sit down with a picnic blanket or toss a ball around, even though it’s a small lawn.

Create a small, private garden that you adore

Just because your garden is small and pushed in from all sides doesn’t mean that you can’t create a lovely space to enjoy. Make the best use of your space by investing in a temperature-controlled solarium or greenhouse, planting a tree, taking control of your lawn, or in a number of other ways.

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