Swing Set Surface Material: What to Put Under Your Playset

Deciding to put a swing set in your garden will undoubtedly please your children. The truth is that it’s a popular option as it is much easier to build a swing set and associated children’s play items in your yard than it is to take them to the park every day.

In addition, you’ll have the benefit of knowing that every item is safe. But, if you have children and play equipment you know that it will inevitably lead to accidents. In short, children will come off the swing set and you need to be prepared for this.

The best thing you can do to protect them is to invest in high-quality safety flooring.

There are several swing set surface material options:

Rubber flooring

Rubber mulch is generally used in children’s play parks as it provides a high level of shock absorption, reducing the amount of impact transferred to your child. In fact, if you add a thick enough layer of quality rubber playground flooring, you’ll be able to protect your child against falls from as high as ten feet. That’s just six inches of rubber.

This is one of the more expensive options but it is also the safest. In addition, rubber mulch is made from recycled rubber products and can be created in many colors. That means you can choose a color that matches your home.

It is worth noting that rubber mulch needs very little maintenance and lasts significantly longer than most other flooring types, making it a good long-term investment. All you need to do is rake it occasionally to keep it evenly distributed.

You can opt for a more expensive rubber playground flooring which will be laid in a similar way to asphalt. This needs even less maintenance and will last for years.

Wood mulch

Wood mulch doesn’t offer as good impact absorption as rubber. You’ll need nine inches of wood mulch to protect against seven-foot drops. It is very easy to install and cheap. However, wood mulch is prone to becoming damp which attracts bugs and insects. It also rots, meaning you may- need to replace it annually.

Of course, wood can also cause splinters and its possible hazardous items can hide in the wood, such as a piece of glass.

You can choose from several colours of wood mulch, the most popular are red, black, and brown but other options can be found.

Pea gravel

Pea gravel is worth considering as it is very cheap and easy to install. However, if you’re worried about falls it may not be the best option. It provides minimal shock absorption but it is surprisingly supportive.

The gravel will need to be re-raked regularly. However, it doesn’t attract animals or bugs, making it a clean option.


Sand is a good option and another of the cheaper options on the list. You’ll want nine inches of sand to protect against falls of four feet and you need to note that sand can be difficult to walk on.

It will need to be re-raked regularly and it will attract insects as well as potentially become a cat litter box. It’s worth considering that carefully when choosing the right playground flooring.

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