3 Common Roofing Problems And Their Remedies

Your roof protects you from harsh weather elements and gives you privacy in your home. However, for your roof to do this efficiently, it must be in pristine condition.

Like any other element in your home, you’ll likely experience issues with your roof here and there. However, you can’t fail to find solutions to any of these issues. As a homeowner who just installed a roofing solution, are you wondering how to prolong your roof’s lifespan? The answer lies in knowing possible issues and how you can solve them. This article will assist you by divulging these issues and their solutions. Read on for the insight!

Problem 1: Blocked gutters

Your gutter serves to drain water from your roof. However, if damaged or blocked, this is a function it can’t serve.

What causes the damage?

Most gutters are exposed, meaning stones, animal poop, and leaves tend to accumulate along the gutter’s length. Without their removal, rainwater from your roof will accumulate in your gutter, leading to water clogging. Once full, this water will linger around the edges of your roof, causing roof damage.

Solution: The main solution to your clogged gutter is cleaning it regularly. With regular cleaning, no leaves or stones will accumulate along your gutter. Rainwater from your roof will flow continuously to your gutter and later to your downspout. In no given time shall water accumulate and damage your roof.

The other alternative to your gutter issue is adopting gutter screens. They’ll cover the top of your gutter, preventing debris entry and ensuring continuous water flow. Consider working with a roofing contractor. They’ll fix your gutter right and prevent more and new damage. It’d help to look at various online sources to learn more about roofing solutions these contractors can offer in addition to gutter repair.

Problem 2: Roof leaks

Roof leaks often occur due to holes on your roofing solution. The extent and number of holes will determine the extent of roof leaks. Holes on your roof can be due to falling objects or aged sheets undergoing extensive wear and tear.

How do you check for roof leaks?

You can climb on your roof to inspect it using a ladder and in protective clothing to prevent injuries in case of a fall. You’ll likely see the big holes leading to roof leaks during the inspection.  However, the inspection shouldn’t end here. There’s a likelihood of missing the small leaks. It’d help to observe them from the inside of your home. Check your ceilings for any water stains which are often circular, brown ones. Follow the stain, and it’ll lead you to the hole on your roof.

Solution: Repairing the holes is one of the solutions if they aren’t many or enlarged. The other solution is replacing your entire roofing solution in extreme situations.

Problem 3: Surrounding trees

Trees form an important role in the environment. They beautify it and are also one of the water-catchment solutions. Although they’re important, they can also bring about many disadvantages. This is often the case if you have trees near your roof. You expect a nearby tree to grow over time. A tree’s growth is characterized by an increase in height and the growth of its branches. When the tree nearby grows, there’s a likelihood of it hovering over your roof. If not the tree itself, its branches will hang over your roof. This is one of the causes of the downfall of your roofing solution.

How do trees cause roof damage?

Trees shed several times a year. Due to the branches hanging over your roof, the leaves will fall on your roof and will likely accumulate. The leaves retain water and moisture on your roof, especially after a rainfall. This is quite disadvantageous as most roofing solutions will degrade due to over-exposure to water. In normal situations, after a downpour, the water on your roof will evaporate, leaving your roof dry.

Prolonged moisture exposure might cause some roofing materials to decay or rust, with others developing mold. All these possibilities aren’t ideal.

Solution: Consider cutting away the trees near your roof. This will expose your roof to the atmosphere, allowing adequate drying. When cutting your tree isn’t a solution, constantly remove any leaves from your roofing. Alternatively, you can cut away the branches hanging over your roof. Doing this prevents and reduces rainwater accumulation.

If your roof developed mold, it’ll help to pressure-wash it to remove the mold. Alternatively, seek the services of roofing experts; they’ll professionally remove the mold and prevent a recurrence.

Points to ponder

Although each roofing problem has a different solution, there are two major solutions to most, if not all, of your roofing issues. One is practicing regular maintenance. You can prevent most of the roofing problems you’ll likely encounter with maintenance. It’s more of a preventive solution though.

The other solution is addressing the issue as soon as it presents itself. This approach prevents further damage to your building and its other elements. Addressing the issue ASAP is a reactive solution.


As seen from the discussion above, you can address any roofing problem. Use this guide to successfully ensure your roofing solution serves you for the long term. As you adopt this guide, it’s advisable to seek the services of an expert roofing contractor who is better placed to solve your roofing problems.

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