Repairs For Roof Leaks

In Pennsylvania, the weather can be incredibly unpredictable, catching anyone that is unprepared. Heavy rain and snow can start to fall at a moment’s notice, and anyone caught outside will get unexpectedly wet. These storms can be heavy, and if your roof leaks, you might find yourself experiencing roof problems inside your house when the rain starts to fall!

There are two main options for dealing with roof leaks: you can try a DIY roof repair job, or you can search for roof leak repairs in Richboro, PA, to help you solve your problem.

How to spot a roof leak

If your home has sprung a leak in the roof, then it is time to find roof repair to fix it. If you want to do all your repairs on your own, however, then trying to find the leak is usually the most difficult part.

The first step is to look at the roof above the location of any water stains on your ceiling. Solid shingles do not tend to leak, so your first place to check should be any objects that stick out of the roof. That means things like chimneys, windows, plumbing, vents, and dormers in most cases.

How to spot a hard-to-find leak

If you can’t find the leak on your own, then it will be time to get some help from someone else. Send someone else into the house, and tell them to call out to you when they see water. Then, grab a hosepipe, and get on the roof. Soak the roof with water, one small area at a time, and see which area causes water to leak in.

Fixing the smallest roof leaks

Small leaks are usually simple to fix. They are generally caused by nails protruding from the inside of your roof. What often happens with protruding nails is that moisture in the air condenses during the night, gathering on the cold metal of the nail, and then starts to drip onto the ceiling below. This is easy to fix: all you have to do is grab some side cutting pliers and snip the nails off where they stick out of the wood.

Fixing large roof leaks

Larger leaks in your roof can be much harder to fix, and it is usually a better option to call in the services of roof leak repairs in Richboro, to fix large leaks for you. It is safer and easier to call in professional help, and the cost is always worth it.

Professional roof repair

Richboro, PA, has a number of great companies offering professional roof repair, and finding a good one is easy. Start by asking friends for recommendations for companies they have hired in the past for roofing repairs. Otherwise, it would be best if you tried searching for local companies with great customer reviews online, which is generally a good way to find a reputable company.


DIY roof repairs are manageable, particularly if you are only dealing with a small leak. However, unless you are very experienced with DIY projects, you might want to hire professionals to do it for you. It might be more expensive, but it is safer, easier, quicker, and comes with a guarantee that they will do it right!

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