5 Simple Steps To Make Your Rusted Iron Driveway Gates Look New

One of the best options you can make for your driveway and property is metal or iron driveway gates. These gates provide durability, quality, style, and resilience to your home while also adding a touch of charm and class. While iron driveway gates are slightly more expensive than wooden ones, they can last a lifetime if properly cared for and maintained. Because you have invested a significant sum of money in your home’s iron driveway gates, it is critical that you maintain them well, keep them clean, and do so at least once a month.

If you own an iron driveway gate and it got rusted. Now you aren’t sure how to keep it clean and well-maintained, here is a quick tutorial to get you started.

Get rid of the rust

To get a professional finish, you must first prepare the surface. While this may appear to be a lengthy process, you must ensure that all rust, flak, and loose paint are removed. The gate can be scrubbed using a brush. You must, however, take care not to injure yourself and wear protective gloves and eyewear.

Make the surface smooth

Before applying the primer and paint, you must first establish a smooth surface. Simple sandpaper can be used to smooth the surface between gate rails and design curves. To attain a clean finish, you may need to use some force, but not too much.

Wash and rinse

After you’ve finished removing the rust from the gate, Rinse the gate and dry them with towels after the soapy water treatment. Allow at least 30 minutes for the gates to air dry.

Prime with a primer

Select a primer that will work well with your metal garden gate. Make sure the primer you use contains rust inhibitors to keep the gate from rusting. Choose a primer with a spray mechanism to make the application more convenient. Start spraying at the top of the gate by opening the gates wide.


Painting the iron driveway gate is the final stage in the cleaning process. This procedure should only be done once a year, not every time you clean your metal gate. Make sure the paint you chose is appropriate for the type of iron driveway gate you have and the metal used in its construction. The gate will be given a layer of paint to protect it against rust. If you think one layer of paint isn’t enough, go ahead and apply two. Just make sure the first coat is completely dry before applying the second of paint.

Final words

Iron driveway gates are not only attractive, but they also provide optimum security, durability, and beauty to your home. With the procedures outlined above, you can preserve your rusted iron driveway gates in top shape, rust-free, and make them seem brand new in just a few simple steps. Make sure you are consistent in cleaning the rusted driveway gates or you will end up with rust on the driveway gates again.

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