What Are The Benefits Of Aluminium Fencing?

Numerous materials have been used in the construction of fencing over the years. Timber has always been a popular choice, and even glass has been used for things like pool fencing. One fencing material that’s been enjoying an upsurge in popularity is aluminium.

Aluminium fence panels offer many benefits and advantages, so if you’re thinking about erecting a fence around your property or a swimming pool, you might want to consider aluminium fencing as your first choice. Let’s look at some of the key advantages of constructing a fence with aluminium to offer both residential and commercial customers.

Aluminium fencing is very strong and robust

One of the key features of utilising aluminium in fencing construction is its strength. While aluminium is generally lightweight, making it easy to work with and carry, it’s incredibly strong at the same time. While it may not have the rigidity of steel or wrought iron, it certainly doesn’t bend easily and can take the knocks people and nature can throw at it without suffering more than some cosmetic damage for the most part. Its strength to weight ratio is unmatched.

Also, aluminium doesn’t rust, unlike steel and iron fences and gates. Even stainless steel has been known to rust unless it’s an extremely high grade (which comes with the price tag to match). Aluminium can suffer corrosion to a degree, but this is generally something that only affects the very surface and if aluminium comes into contact with other metals.

You’ll find that aluminium fencing has anti-corrosive properties to keep it intact and looking its very best.

Aluminium is stylish and modern

One of the cool features of aluminium is that it’s very easy to mould into various shapes and designs. You can have a fence made from flat or corrugated solid panels to give your yard and home some privacy, or it can be in the form of open panels with bars like you would see surrounding many backyard swimming pools.

Some aluminium fence panels are even created in a louvre design to add aesthetics and allow the breeze to pass through whilst maintaining privacy.

When it comes to design, you’re really only limited by your imagination or your specific needs regarding fencing made predominantly from aluminium.

You have some great colours to choose from

Because of its extreme versatility, you can purchase or custom order your aluminium fencing in many different fashion colours. You can have your classics, such as black or white, or if you want your fencing to blend in with the trees and gardens, you can build an aluminium fence in green or brown.

For fences that border the front of the home, some people opt for combinations, such as black and silver, for example.

The best way to get an idea of what colour scheme would suit you and your property best is to browse some images of aluminium fencing online. Sites like Pinterest are great for this or even just a simple Google Images search.

Looking at photos will give you some inspiration and a better understanding of what you might ultimately want when it comes to the colour and design of your aluminium fence.

Aluminium fencing is affordable

In most instances, you’ll discover that aluminium fencing – both for the materials and the cost of construction or installation – is cheaper than other popular fencing materials such as wood or steel. While timber fences are very organic and look great, they are costly to construct, and timber often requires regular maintenance and repairs to maintain. Aluminium fencing, on the other hand, is deficient maintenance.

You can use couple aluminium fencing with glass

As aluminium fencing is versatile, you can easily combine it with other materials when building a fence. For example, aluminium and glass panels for pool fences are super popular. Aside from glass, aluminium can be combined with steel, timber, iron, or practically anything else you fancy making a fence out of.

How to find aluminium fencing suppliers near your

If you’re looking for aluminium fencing suppliers near you in New Zealand, a search online will bring up some options. You could search for “aluminium fence panels NZ” or “aluminium fencing NZ” for starters. Furthermore, you could refine your search by putting it in your city or suburb.

Once you’ve shortlisted some fencing suppliers in your area, contact them and get as many details as you can regarding style, design, colour choices and the overall price for materials and installation.


As you can see, there are numerous advantages to building a fence from aluminium. It’s cost-effective, robust and the results can be stunning. Aluminium gives you numerous style and colour choices, so consider aluminium for your next fencing project.

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