How To Make A Focal Point In Any Room

Creating a single point of focus is the best, simplest way to decorate any room of your home. Knowing how to create that focal point, however, is a skill not everyone has. This article describes ideas on how you can make a focal point in any room. This allows those decorating on a budget, or those who want a high-end look, to create a stylish home with ease and simplicity.

Step One: Make a Focal Point by Neutralizing the Room

Firstly, if you have a room that has forty different items on the wall, you have no single point of focus. It is busy, the room feels fuller. If you want to create simple focal points that make your home look expensive, then you need to change your ways.

Prepare your space by stripping your walls bare and starting from scratch. Paint in a contrasting color, preferably with a white base, and choose your focal object. Next, pick out any other colors in that object to echo around the room.

Step 2: Choose Your Weapon

Secondly, you must choose your feature to focus the room’s attention upon. Why do this? When your friends visit you and they gather in the living space while you fix drinks, there is bound to be a moment of social awkwardness. Providing a focal point to the room gives your friends a talking point to discuss to eliminate that shyness. Also, it looks good. Everyone wants a good-looking home.

What types of things make a focal point or feature in a room?

There are different methods of drumming up a focal point. You can buy a physical piece to provide discussion. Focal pints might be:

  • A statue
  • A sculpture
  • A painting or artwork
  • A luxury clock
  • Feature wallpaper on a single wall
  • A mirror

You can choose any other elegant item that pushes visitors to ask questions or pass comments on it. If you choose wallpaper, your guests should say how interesting it is or how much they like it. They ought to ask questions about your sculptural pieces or talk about the technique used in an artwork.

Step 3: Add Color

Now that you have your walls neutral and your focal point placed, start isolating complimentary colors. The fewer colors you choose, the smarter the overall finish. Echo that color within your soft furnishings like curtains and sofas cushions. Keep everything else neutral for an elegant finish.

Step 4: Minimize

The finishing touches come through minimizing the room. If you want a focal point, you can’t have a wall full of pictures or a collection of vases from your travels on the shelf. Take away everything that does not work with the colors in the room. Once you have minimal décor, neutral walls, and a showpiece to talk about, you have created a room worthy of Vogue.

Feature Rooms are Easier than you Think

In short, it is far easier than most of us believe it to be to create a stylish home, worthy of challenging celebrities. You don’t need to spend a lot either, a few tins of white paint and a little spending on feature pieces and you will have a sophisticated finish in your home.

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