One of the essentials of a healthy lifestyle is cleanliness. It is the act of keeping yourself and your family members safe by ensuring your house is dust and dirt free, sanitized and there is no foul odor. Health is one of the greatest gifts provided to mankind as also suggested by the most famous proverb; “Health is Wealth”. Maintain Cleanliness At Home!

It does not matter if your house is big or small, spacious or confined, but what matters is how clean it is There are all kinds of life threatening diseases emerging with every passing day and it is only best to not put yourself and the people around you at risk.

Maintaining a clean house and surrounding not only helps people to improve their health and keep them safe from diseases but it also clears up the negative energy. Good positive vibes can lift up a person’s mood and help them relax and be stress free. In order to live a happy and healthy life cleanliness should be maintained at all times and you can do so by following a few simple steps.

Hazardous Waste Disposal – Empty Your Trashcan

Believe it or not, the dustbin sitting in your kitchen or washroom attracts more bacteria than anything else in the house. The first and most basic step is to empty your bins on a daily basis. You can choose a specific time for this activity according to your routine at any time of the day. Getting rid of the waste at the right time will prevent your home from the unpleasant odor leaving the air fresh and clean.

You will also need to wash the waste bin once in a while with clean hot water and disinfectants; such as an anti-bacterial liquid cleaner. It is also wise to use a dustbin with a closing lid so the air isn’t exposed to all the waste containing harmful germs and bacteria. Last but not the least, place your bins in the key areas of the house to make it easy for you and everyone.

Eliminate Dust In House – Maintain Cleanliness

Dusting your home is important. Every corner in the house including the walls, ceilings, countertops, floor need to be dust free. To ensure it does not become a redundant task and to avoid going over surfaces more than once you can always dust in the top to bottom order with dry dusting followed by wet dusting.

First, your fans, doors and windows, chandeliers or any hangings on the wall need to be properly cleaned. Once done you can move to cleaning all the furniture making sure no surface is left with any dust. You may think the surface beneath the carpets doesn’t need to be cleaned as it is not exposed to dust and dirt but that is not always true. You will also need to brush off all the dust from the carpets before you place them back. Make use of a vacuum cleaner to pick up the dust and also mop the floor.

Cleaning And Organizing

Clutter occupies space and can lead to having a negative effect on your mental health. Before you start cleaning and organizing your space you need to get rid of all the stuff you don’t need as you will only want to keep the things that really matter. Next, you need to sort out all the items and place them in a fashionable order. It will not only help maintain cleanliness but will also beautify your house and as an added benefit will relieve stress.

You need to tidy up your shelves and racks, organize your stuff, change your bedsheets time to time, align your furniture, fold away your clothes and covers, and keep your organize cupboards.

In short, don’t pile up! From the bedroom to the kitchen tidy up, clean and organize all the accessories and household items.

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Making a kitchen cleaning checklist is important. Cooking can be a messy process and may leave the counters, appliances, utensils and floor dirty. You shouldn’t leave any unwashed plates lying in the kitchen for long so it is best to wash them off properly with a dish soap after each meal. Similarly, you need to make sure no pans are covered with oil stains or are left greasy. Clean kitchen cabinets, sink and countertops thoroughly. Food in the kitchen should always be covered properly and not be left open inviting bugs. Don’t store food for long in your fridge given there’s a chance of it rottening away. 

Kitchen vents and exhaust fans need to be kept debris free. You may place the trashcan in the kitchen under the sink or the counter top where it’s easily accessible and most needed.

Clean The Bathroom – Habits To Adopt

Bathroom is the second most used room of the house; thus it is very important to keep it clean for hygienic purposes. Whether you step in for a shower after a long tiring day or to wash your hands, you need to be careful and not splash water all around as moisture tends to attract bacteria.

You will need to scrub and wash your sink since it is used frequently. It catches a lot of catch dirt and smut. The drain strainers should be free from all kinds of grime, toothpaste build up or hair. Also, properly wash the shower boxes and bath tubs. The toilet seat is a house to bacteria and you would always be using an antibacterial liquid formula to wipe it clean. Scrub the inside of the toilet with a bristle brush and wash it properly before putting it back into the holder. You also need to close the lid of the toilet before you flush it to avoid the spread of germs through water.

Because of a continuous usage, dirt and dust can be trapped between the washroom tiles. Be it the walls or the floor so you must use a separate brush to scrub it away. Clean your bathroom thoroughly leaving it sparkly white and don’t forget to disinfect every corner. Empty your toilet bins, place clean towels, don’t leave your toothbrush uncovered. Always keep extra toilet paper in the washroom. You should clean your hands with an anti-bacterial hand wash rubbing your palms, fingers and the back of the finger tips for good 20 seconds before you leave the place.   


It is important that you maintain cleanliness. Good practices and habits will help you keep your surrounding safe and clean. We’ve mentioned a few for you but you can always come up with more brilliant ideas of your own. It may sound like a hectic task but a very basic one when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When you keep your environment clean you’re making way for a happier, healthier and a more productive life. At the end of day, we can expect it to bring the best out of an individual.

So let’s empty those trashcans, get rid of all the germs and dust and organize as much as we can in all the rooms of the house, including our kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. Stay clean, stay safe!

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