Top 5 Benefits Of HVAC And Lighting Control Integration

Building systems are constructed and designed as distant fragments required to work together. The essential services in any building, such as building controls, lighting, and other HVAC services, are built-in limited spaces that result in congested and packed ceilings over floors and walls. Therefore, some of these HVAC and lightning systems have broken the status quo and combined as one integrated component in recent times.

 One such Integration is lighting and chilled beams. Both of them have a lot in common. They both combined are impacted by daylight and occupants presented in a room. They keep those occupants productive and comfortable. Furthermore, when they both are combined, they use little energy compared to when they are used separately.

Here are the top five benefits of combining HVAC and lightning control integration-chilled beams and lighting:

●  Higher Energy Efficiency

Chilled beams comprise enough energy-saving capabilities, especially when integrated with lightning. Old ways of HVAC systems use air while chilled beams use water’s increased volumetric capacity of heat in order to regulate the temperature in any room. Furthermore, it can reduce HVAC energy consumption by 60% compared to old HVAC systems.

 Though, chilled beams must be designed properly with lightning systems to achieve higher energy efficiency. For instance, Crestron Lighting Upgrades offer higher energy efficiency, lowering your overall costs. 

●  Fewer lifestyle costs

In addition to lower energy costs for building owners, it reduces installation costs connected to integrated systems. When HVAC and lightning integration are combined in one component, it offers less complication while installing them. Many people face a common issue while installing them: who will install them, an electrician, mechanical contractor, or sheet metal contractor? Usually, a mechanical contractor installs the chilled beams first, then an electrical will make his final lightning connections.

A chilled beam and lightning integration system comprises the potential of reducing the height of the particular building. This is because chill beam systems are constructed with 70 percent less air than old air systems. Therefore, it helps in reducing energy consumption and over-ventilation. Furthermore, their ductwork is small, which leads to slab heat reduction, resulting in more flexibility while constructing a building.

●  Better Indoor Environment

A comfortable indoor environment is a must while designing and constructing your building’s HVAC and lighting systems. Old ways of systems have unpredictable and low-quality ventilation performance. Chilled beam systems are combined with DOAS- Dedicated outdoor air systems ensuring each and every building zone receives the right ventilation at all times. Furthermore, they work at a constant volume that enables an even temperature all over the room.

●  More Enhanced Aesthetics

In older times, HVAC was incorporated as a system not because of its visual mass benefits but out of necessity. The integrated system of lightning and chilled beams helps reduce the visual mass in the ceiling, allowing a low cluttered look without sacrificing the quality of HVAC systems. For instance, Crestron upgrade city London offers the best Crestron HVAC integration that can surely meet your need for ventilation and lighting.

●  Future Potential For innovation and Integration

The most exciting part of that integrated approach is that it is just a beginning. There are many future possibilities of innovation that will go beyond the HVAC and lighting approach. There are many future possibilities of building safety such as security systems, carbon monoxide detectors, fire suppression, and other building benefits such as soundbars occupancy sensors for sound-projection needs. Such products will integrate into a more innovative approach.


The integrated HVAC and lighting systems approach is a great way to save energy. It is proven beneficial for building owners. It lowers the installation costs. Having excellent ventilation is all everyone hopes for. A properly installed HVAC system gives the ability to control the temperature in your room. You can easily cool or heat your room more effectively and efficiently.

Furthermore, you do not have to sacrifice your mobility inside your room or outside. HVAC and lighting integration is just the beginning, and there many new innovative approaches are yet to come.

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